Help! My Toddler Won’t Let me Clean!

Are you struggling with your toddler not letting you clean the house? Maybe she’s absolutely tickled pink when you’re reading, on the phone or putting on your make-up, but once you grab that mop and broom, she’s in panic mode!

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Yes, you’re not alone.

Many toddlers treasure their mom’s attention and time. It’s actually pretty sweet, when you think about it, but it’s also difficult to manage a home when your toddler is clinging to your legs sobbing because she wants you to spend time with her!

But, you can get BOTH of those mommy duties accomplished when you change a few things up. Here’s a few ideas that really work!

Help! My Toddler Won’t Let Me Clean!

  • Set up some busy bags. There are loads of ideas on Pinterest, but here’s one of my favorite busy bags for toddlers. These are ONLY to be used when you’re cleaning or cooking. Place these super-close to your work area so you are still spending time together and both engaging in productive activity!
  • Ask for her help. Toddlers really, really want to help their parents — so let them! Pull up a chair and let your toddler rinse the dishes. Hand her the spoons and plastic cups to put into the dishwasher. Give her a baby wipe and ask her to wipe the table, counters, fridge or anything else in the kitchen down. This REALLY works wonders. What toddler doesn’t love baby wipes anyway? Oh, and most importantly — praise her for a job well done!
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  • For the extra clingy days, wrap up. If you’re toddler is small enough to wear, wrap her up in your favorite wrap while you get some cleaning done. She may even drift off for a short nap so you can finish up tidying the house in sweet, super-serene peace!
  • Add “room time” to your daily routine. Adding quiet room time to your toddler’s day can be super helpful to your and your munchkin. You can have quiet toys that you only let her pay with during this time. I normally make my toddlers and preschoolers stay on one certain spot during room time — such as the rug or the bed. Chunky blocks and fun board books are my “go-to” for quiet room time! You can play some special music too and let your toddler know that when the music stops — room time is over! Keep it fun. She may not respond super well at first, but after a week of having consistent “room time” it will become part of her daily routine!
  • Let her cook! Toddlers love to pretend to cook. Even if you’re just washing the dishes or folding laundry, you can let her pretend to cook with ice in a bowl, colorful spoons and even dried beans or rice. Or, grab a cute play kitchen for kids and she can cook in there! My sons and daughters would all cook for hours when I would clean. It’s a happy trade-off for toddler and mom!

What are your best tips to keep toddlers happy when you clean? Share them with me on social media!

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