How to Make A Mother/Daughter Shopping Trip Super-fun!

I’m blessed with four daughters — and I love all the girly fun we enjoy together. Some of our best memories are mother/daughter shopping trips. We giggle (way too much) and find fun ways to make our shopping trips extraordinary.

super-fun mother/daughter shopping trip ideas

Since my girls were babies I envisioned our “girl time” together. I dreamed about my daughters and I shopping, laughing and drinking our iced lattes together. And you know what? I’m living that dream now — happily.

Shopping to me is nostalgic. I was always shopping with my mom and grandmother. They truly enjoyed it. It wasn’t a rushed event and they took time to discuss items, try them on and compare prices. They never seemed to tire from it either!

I want to pass on those special memories to my daughters, but I also want to start our own traditions of super-fun shopping trips.

how to make shopping trips fun

Some people may think shopping’s a waste of time, worthless and materialistic — but hey. In order to wear clothes, eat food and decorate our homes, someone has to go shopping and choose the items for the family. Why not make it fun? Why not enjoy it?

If you’re ready to make your next mother/daughter shopping trip super-fun, check out our trend-setting tips that will make even your not-so-enthusiastic shoppers want to jump in the car and cruise to your local mall!

How to Make Your Mother/Daughter Shopping Trip Super-fun

  • Grab special treats. How many times do you walk past the cookie shop, coffee shop, pretzel stand and candy store without stopping to grab your kids a treat? Yes, I know it’s pricey, but if your budget allows it, go ahead and grab your daughter a special treat on your shopping day. My mom always got me strawberries and cream frappes — now that was special!
  • Play games. It’s ok to be a silly mom sometimes! Go ahead and see who can find ten red, blue or green items first. Then, switch to a game of “Name that Tune.” Public place is the perfect place to play that game because no one can stifle the giggles when mom is humming, “Rubber Ducky, You’re the One!”
  • Try on formal dresses. How often do you get to feel like a princess? Go ahead and let your daughters try on the formal gowns at their favorite store. Remember, this is a FUN shopping trip, not a timed, business-only trip!
  • Head to “girls only” stores. If your daughter is anything like mine, she loves anything and everything that is “girls only.” Just a few weeks ago we all took a trip to Justice clothing store for our special mother/daughter shopping trip. We had a blast! I even took a picture of my daughters in front of the store. People did glance sideways at us, but that just made the girls giggle even more!

    fun shopping trip ideas

    Justice is THE go-to destination for stylish tween girls this holiday season. Whether shopping in-store or online, Justice makes it easy and hassle-free for anyone with a tween girl in their life to find great holiday gifts!

    Justice thought of everything when it came to my daughters. There was lip gloss in super-cute containers, curling irons, big stuffed animals, adorable best friends jewelry and tons of stylish clothes to choose from.

    fun shopping trip ideas for girls

    Starting on 11/26 Justice shoppers will receive a Style Perk with every purchase. The style perk offers $15 off of a $40 or more purchase redeemable through the new year! Learn more about Style Perks here!

    Did you know that tween girls love glitter? There were loads of items sprinkled with bright glitter — which made my tween daughters’ day!

    shopping trip-5

    Since it was a mother-daughter shopping trip, I even let my daughter pay the cashier so she could enjoy that “grown up” feeling. Only problem is she handed the card to the cashier instead of sliding it through the machine — wink, wink! But, the cashier just played it cool and told her to slide it through the machine. My tween daughter really enjoyed how nice the store employees were and how they all made us feel super welcome in this girly, girl store!

    how to make mother daughter shopping trips fun

    If you’ve never taken your tween daughters to Justice, now is the time to start! Start off with a holiday bang by entering the Justice Wishes Sweepstakes to win amazing Justice prizes for your tween like the Ultimate Justice VIP Experience with an iPad and shopping spree!

  • Find a photo booth. I still giggle when I think of fun , photo booth pictures from previous shopping trips. It’s a simple, tangible way to remember your super-fun and silly shopping trip for years to come.
  • Talk in accents. Yes, my daughters and I actually do this! Believe me, if you keep up the accent the ENTIRE trip, no one will know you’re faking it! But, you may give it away when you’re giggling at your terrible pronunciations — wink, wink!
  • Skip to the car. I know there are people in the parking lot, but who cares? It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? It’s the perfect time for skipping! So sing your favorite holiday song and skip, skip, skip!

How do you make your mother-daughter shopping trips super-fun? Tell me about your crazy, silly ideas on Facebook!

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