Leftover Ham Recipes That are Unbelievably Good!

Got Loads of Leftover Ham?

Don’t toss it out! Try one of these DEE-LISH recipes that will make your taste buds sing!

leftover ham recipes being served

Appetizers, comfort food, soups, and even breakfast idea can use up your leftover ham in a creative, yummy way!

Let’s dig into some favorite, leftover ham recipes!

Leftover Ham Recipe #1: Homemade Ham and Turkey Pockets

These are great for on-the-go and they’re freezer-friendly too! Kids love these homemade pockets!

holding a ham pocket made with leftover ham

Leftover Ham Recipe #2: Ham Penne Skillet

We love one pot or one skillet meals (like this Italian skillet!)

Can’t wait to use our leftover ham in this easy recipe!

Leftover Ham Recipe #3: Slow Cooker Ham and Bean Soup

This soup is good for the soul and super hearty!

leftover ham in a bean soup

Leftover Ham Recipe #4: Cheesy Ham Chowder

Cheese and ham are the perfect combo in this tasty chowder!

Leftover Ham Recipe #5: Ham and Havarti Quiche

Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or a ladies tea!

quiche made with leftover ham and havarti cheese

Leftover Ham Recipe #6: Ham and Cheese Sliders

These make a fun picnic meal or a an easy snack!


Leftover Ham Recipe #7: Ham Pot Pie

Perfect for a rainy or cold day!

Leftover Ham Recipe #8: Ham and Broccoli Quiche

A great way to use up ham and add some veggies!

easy recipes that use leftover ham

Leftover Ham Recipe #9: Cheese and Ham Potato Casserole

Casseroles are perfect for busy nights!

Leftover Ham Recipe #10: Ham Stromboli

These are great for a date night!


Leftover Ham Recipe #11: Ham and Corn Chowder

Chowders stick to your ribs and can feed a crowd!

Leftover Ham Recipe #12: Ham and Cream Cheese Roll-ups

These are fun appetizers for people who want low-carb or keto options!

leftover ham and cheese roll-ups appetizer

Leftover Ham Recipe #13: Deviled Ham Salad

Perfect for a quick lunch~

Leftover Ham Recipe #14: Ham and Chicken Cordon Bleu

Packed with flavor, this is a gorgeous recipe!

Leftover Ham Recipe #15: Farmer’s Ham Casserole

Perfect for an easy breakfast!

casserole made with leftover ham

Leftover Ham Recipe #16: Split Pea Soup

A classic that generations have loved!

Which Leftover Ham Recipe Will Your Try First?

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