Easy Homemade Ham, Turkey and Cheese Pockets

Homemade ham and cheese pockets are insanely easy tome! They’re a comfort food that should always be in your fridge, freezer or dining room table! Enjoy!

It’s been almost 18 years since I married my best friend. and I can still remember the first morning on our honeymoon.

I opened my eyes and thought, “Wow..I’m SO hungry!”

Then it hit me.

For the rest of my life, I would be responsible for my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And that was not a happy thought!

That’s why I’m thrilled that Carl Buddig and Company is sponsoring this post and honoring mealmakers this month!

Because the person who was the main meal maker in my life, for over 18 years, definitely deserves a pat on the back.

Thanks mom for all the yummy meals! Your meatloaf and mashed potatoes are the best!

Ham, turkey and cheese pockets are a super easy snack or meal that families can keeping the freezer or fridge! We love this homemade version of some convenient foods we enjoyed as kids! #homemadepockets #savorytarts #easyrecipes #hamandcheese #hamandturkey #hamturkeyandcheese #hamsandwich #hotpocket #hamandcheeseturnover #hamandcheesepastry #puffedpastry #recipeswithpuffedpastry #hamandcheesesnack

When I was a kid and a teen, I never once worried if there would be lunch or dinner that day.

My mom kept our pantry, fridge and freezer stocked with our favorite foods — maybe even too full!

She never wanted my two brothers and I to be hungry.

She wanted us to concentrate to on just being kids…not worrying about what was for dinner.

Even when she’d come home too late to make dinner, she would make sure that there was something we could grab, heat up and enjoy a hearty, yummy meal.

But, I had to make sure my bothers didn’t grab all the good stuff! They had quite the appetite!

And that special meal maker — my mom — is who inspired me to offer my family super, simple recipes that would be ready in minutes!

I don’t want my kids worrying about dinner either! Childhood is filled with too many other fun memories — like making pizza quesadillas or these homemade pockets!

Ham, turkey and cheese pockets are asimpleway to have comfort food ready at all times! Great for a hearty meal OR snack! #hamandcheese #hamturkeyandcheese #homemadepockets #hotpockets #homemade #homemadehamandcheee #recipeswithpuffed pastry #easylunch #easydinner #easymeal

How Ham, Turkey and Cheese Pockets Make Cooking for Your Family Easy

On our big baking days we can make batches and batches of these homemade, ham, turkey and cheese pockets!

The kids love baking (and eating) and I love recipes that don’t make ginormous amounts of flour messes! So these ham, turkey and cheese pockets are definitely a crowd-pleaser!

Easy ham,turkey and cheese pockets will take care of our big batch lunch making adventures and then we can tackle big batches of mini ham and cheese quiches for breakfast!

And on busy school nights, we can still whip up a fresh batch of these because they literally take a few minutes to prep and bake!


Every busy parent needs some super-fast, dependable yummy meals to help them soar through parenting!

Ham, turkey and cheese pockets are asimpleway to have comfort food ready at all times! Great for a hearty meal OR snack! #hamandcheese #hamturkeyandcheese #homemadepockets #hotpockets #homemade #homemadehamandcheee #recipeswithpuffed pastry #easylunch #easydinner #easymeal

Keeping ready-to-go ingredients in our fridge like Buddig ham, turkey and roast beef makes that super easy!

From just those ingredients, we can create batches of quesadillas, casseroles, sandwiches and even ham and cheese roll-ups!

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”pq9FyLft” upload-date=”2018-06-12T09:59:32.000Z” name=”Ham, Turkey and Cheese pockets” description=”null”]

And why would we share with our mom readers about Buddig thin-sliced lunch meat?

Because it’s their 75th anniversary and they’re celebrating!

Ham, turkey and cheese pockets are asimpleway to have comfort food ready at all times! Great for a hearty meal OR snack! #hamandcheese #hamturkeyandcheese #homemadepockets #hotpockets #homemade #homemadehamandcheee #recipeswithpuffed pastry #easylunch #easydinner #easymeal

They want YOU to join the celebration too!

In honor of the 75th Anniversary, Buddig is giving customers the opportunity to win up to $75,000 worth of prizes.

You can enter here.

Every mom could use some prizes, right?!

America will have the ability to say thank you to the “Meal Makers” that have impacted their lives, with a one-minute, online video submission on the company’s website.

ham and cheese for the homemade pockets #hamandcheese #turkeyhamandcheese #homemadepockets #savoryturnovers

Content can be entered under the “Submit Your Story” tab, and each submission will be eligible to win up to $25,000.

Winners will be selected by the authenticity of their story, context relevance, audience appeal, quality of their video and by the number of votes they receive.

These incredibly easy,ham,cheese and turkey pockets are perfect for an easy meal! #easymeal #easyrecipe #hamcheeseandturkey #hamturkeyturnover #hamandturkeyhotpocket #homemade #comfortfood

Here’s the EXACT details of the prizes!

  • Grand Prize Winner – One lucky winner will be awarded $25,000 and will receive an additional product “Prize Pack” at $125 value.
  • First Prize – Four candidates will receive $7,500.
  • Second Prize – 20 candidates will receive $750.
  • Additional Prizes – Throughout the 13-week promotion, five candidates will be selected to receive $75 each week.

Super easy ham, turkey and cheese pockets are perfect for a quicksand easy family meal! Great for lunch boxes too! #easylunch #easyrecipe #hamandcheese #homemadepockets #hotpockets #comfortfood

Candidates must be 18 years or older at the time of entry. The promotion is open to applicants in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and is limited to one submission per household. The deadline for submission is Aug. 31 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

To upload your video or get more information, be sure to visit www.thankyou.buddig.com

And more about our homemade ham, cheese and turkey pockets…

Since we like to keep ALL our recipes kid-friendly, be sure to leave out the onions or peppers you have a young child that abhors those!

But, set some yummy sautéed onions and peppers to the side for the teens and adults who may appreciate the good stuff!;0)

diced onions and peppers for the ham and cheese pockets

Print out the recipe below, tape to your fridge, and make sure you keep all the ingredients for the homemade pockets on hand so you can be super meal maker too! Maybe one day YOUR kids wills thank you for being the meal maker in the family! <3 [wprm-recipe id="21684"]


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