Natural Helps for Kids with Colds

It’s that time of year again — when germs, colds and sniffles invade our homes. It’s always a help to have some natural helps for kids that you can just grab and soothe away the aches and sniffles.

natural helps for kids with colds

Thanks to Matys Healthy Products for sponsoring this post and inspiring us to get talking about natural helps today! You’ll love these tips because they’ve proven themselves effective and are part-ested and approved! Hope they help your family during the germiest time of the year!

Natural Helps for Kids with Colds

  • Honey and lemon. A tablespoon of honey mixed with a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice is great for a sore throat and cough. My kids affectionally call this natural help, “Mom’s Cough Syrup.” I always try to snag my honey locally when possible.
  • Garlic and olive oil. Cold season often brings earaches along for the ride. I have spent many late evening hours mincing fresh garlic and heating it in olive oil. Then I would dip a cotton ball in the garlic and let my child hold it to her ear. It works. Try it!
  • Maty’s vapor rub. This is a good way to clear up congestion in kiddos. It’s petroleum free, so you can feel good about rubbing it on your child’s chest and feet. Maty’s products are one of my favorite to use because I love the story behind the company.

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    This mom-owned company blossomed from a mother’s love and concern for her daughter who was born with multiple heart defects, no spleen and a stomach on the wrong side of her body.

    natural help for colds

    Carolyn Harrington was advised to to “spoil” her child, due to all the negative health issues her daughter was suffering.

    But, that wasn’t the end of her daughter, Maty’s story. She also suffered from hair loss and painful eczema. Carolyn dug into load of natural helps for her daughter and began creating her own. You can read more about her story and amazing products here. But I highly recommend trying this vapor rub that uses wintergreen and peppermint! Let your entire family sleep better tonight — the natural way!

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  • Freshly ironed washcloths. This is also a simple, natural way to relieve an earache. Iron a washcloth and have your child hold the warm washcloth on her ear. She can even sleep on it!
  • Baby chest rub. Another one of Maty’s products that I love is the baby chest rub. It’s a comforting choice for infants under the age of two.

    helps fro kids that are natural

    I still rub these on little one’s feet too, and then place socks on top for the evening. I love having natural remedies that even work on babies! You’ll love that it’s menthol and petroleum free.

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  • Hot showers. Turn on the shower steaming hot, grab a comfy pillow and sit with your kiddo in the bathroom with some books and let your child breathe in the fresh steam. My doctors often recommend this more than vaporizers and my kids enjoy the extra book time!
  • All fruit popsicles. These are great for sore throats and for sneaking some extra hydration in. Even if kids don’t feel like eating, they don’t mind eating frozen, fruity popsicles.
  • Hot fruity tea. My kids normally jump at the opportunity for a special cup of fruity, hot tea. I always add a spoonful of honey to add some additional soothing relief. It helps little throats find relief from soreness as well as keeps the kiddos hydrated.
  • Nighttime cough syrup. Maty’s has an all natural choice for this too! In fact, this is a favorite among many natural-living moms! Why choose this cough syrup? Because it’s made from real buckwheat honey, calming chamomile and nutmeg. It’s also packed with 10 immune boosting ingredients. You can find comfort knowing that this cough syrup soothes dry, irritate throughs without harmful side effects or drug interactions. It’s also pediatrician recommended for kids ages one year and older.

What helps do you turn to when your child has a cold? Share your tips and ideas with us on social media!

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