Quick Secrets to Survive the Extra Tough Mom Days

When Extra Tough Mom Days Come, I Need These Quick Secrets to Survive!

I love motherhood…

Becoming a mom was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. And my kids are some of the best on the planet.

But…(you knew this was coming, right?)

There are days when it seems I’m living the No Good, Very Bad Day story that I read to my kids.

It gets THAT bad.

And it’s no one’s fault..it’s just this thing called life.

But before we dig into any more details, let me just say I’m super thrilled that Chuck E. Cheese’s is sponsoring this post so you can know all about their new, parent-friendly updates that will make your mom life just a smidge easier!

Oh yes, it’s one of my secrets to surviving the extra-tough mom days…you’ll read ALL about it in just a bit!

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Over the past 17 years of being a mom, I’ve learned to keep a stash of “keeping me sane” secrets that help me survive those difficult days…and even enjoy them!

Just because a day gets off to a nasty, rotten start, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way!

Some of those mornings that seemed like a disaster, have actually climbed their way into the “best days of my mom journey” memory box.

The smiles, the giggles and the the crazy impromptu trips made me not only survive the extra tough mom days, but actually learn to embrace them and make them into Super mom days!

Sounds crazy?

It’s not.


Not in the least?

Just try these quick secrets the next day a tougher-than-tough mom day strikes.

Then write me back and tell me how awesome your day turned out!

Sometimes motherhood can get tough! when those days come, try these simple tricks to restore peace and happiness to your mom journey! #ad @ChuckECheeses #mommylife #momhacks #raisingkids #mothering #mommyblog #momhelp #parentinghelp #parents #happykids

Quick Secrets to Survive the Extra Tough Days

    • Take a few hours off. Pack up the kids and head to a kid-friendly place for lunch and play.Seriously…this gives kids a new environment for a few hours and gives you a much-needed break.

      Sometimes a mom needs someone to bring her food, bring her a drink and entertain her kids, right?

      It’s the little things…<3

      My suggestion?

      Find the closest Chuck. E Cheese’s near you!

      If you haven’t been to Chuck E. Cheese’s in a while, you’re in for a HUGE treat!

      Our local Chuck E. Cheese’s in Greenville SC just celebrated a grand re-opening.

      Heads up…if there’s one in your area celebrating this event, you need to make sure you’re there! It’s truly an experience you don’t want to miss!

      Sneak away to Chuck E Cheese on the tough mom days!

      One of the most obvious upgrades is their new “look.”

      The exterior features their cool new logo and a new paint job.

      It’s inviting and modern at the same time!

      Smile during the mom days at Chuck E. Cheese's

      The interior offers beautiful wood accents and neutral tones to create a chic, family-friendly environment.

      Relax on your tough mo day at Chuck E Cheese's

      I love that parents can relax in the comfortable booths watching their kids play or join in the fun too!

      Another cool feature they added to the booths are regular and USB outlets.

      How useful is that?!

      If you are a foodie like me, the best thing about Chuck E. Cheese’sis the food!

      Unwind on tough mom days at Chuck E. Cheese's

      Their pizza is made from scratch daily and their salad bar was packed with super fresh choices…yum!

      And the cooking was part of the entertainment because the kitchens are open now.

      Open kitchens that entertain moms and kids on tough mom days!

      Guests can watch their food being prepared and my kids love watching someone other than mom cook food…ha!

      Oh, and did I mention the birthday zone?

      It has multiple long tables so everyone on your guest list can sit together. It even features all of the Chuck E. Cheese’s characters on the walls for the kids to see!

      After seeing it, I’m already planning my son’s party in May!

      The coolest part of the Birthday zone is the new dance floor! It is amazing!

      Dancing at Chuck E. Cheese's

      Whenever you step on it lights flash underneath you and follow you wherever you go. How neat is that?

      This is where their live shows take place every hour!

      celebrating at CHuck E Cheese's

      Chuck E. Cheese’s has also added self-service kiosks for ordering food and buying playtime. This is a great option for parents who like the convenience and speed of technology!

      Setting up play passes at CHuck E. Cheese's

      Speaking of technology, they have added dozens of new games with a “tap to play” card system.

      You simply put your card or bracelet in front of the game’s card screen, hold it until it turns green, then you are ready to play!

      I love how easy it is — even for toddlers!

      Playing games at Chuck E. Cheese's Greenville, SC

      Chuck E. Cheese’s is all about the games and, as a parent; I know it can be annoying and costly to buy tickets/tokens for every single game your child wants to play.

      Well, Chuck E. Cheese’s has upgraded that too!

      Instead of tokens and paying for every game, they now offer “all you can play.”

      You just buy the amount of time you want your child to play for and then they have access to everything!

      It is an inexpensive and simple way to give your kids what they really want — the freedom to play!

      I can’t lie, I played almost as much as my kids!

      My son loved winning tickets and picking out prizes!

      Collecting tickets at Chuck E. Cheese's

      So, yes, on super tough days, you may just see me and my kids at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

      Maybe I’ll meet you on your tough day too and we can chat about our mommy adventures!

Making a tough mom day fun at Chuck E. Cheese's

  • Get outside. In the midst of chores, homeschooling and running a business, sometimes my entire family just needs to get outdoors.What is it about the great outdoors that calms everyone’s spirit?

    The sunshine, breeze and even grass is all a big welcome on a not-so-wonderful mom day.

    If you don’t have a huge yard to play in, head over to a local park and enjoy the swings, slides and open areas for your kids to run, play ball or even ride bikes.

    And be sure to check out these outdoor games you can play with kids!

    Take a long a few snacks, drinks and even a blow up beach ball and you’re set for an adventure that will turn your no good, very bad mom day around!

  • Have a day-time slumber party with the kids. Put your jammies BACK on, find your favorite movies, read some books, make a fort and bring out the easy-to-make, no cooking required foods and just pretend you’re having a slumber party with your kids.

    Playing games on a tough mom day

    They’ll love it…the sibling arguments will stop…and peace will return to your home.

    And you can steal snack and game ideas from our Family Night Activities list!

    Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you’re using family night ideas for a “day time” slumber party…ha!

  • Take a trip to the library. Libraries are so awesome now! They offer crafts for kids, reading time for younger kids, educational computer games, board games and a ginormous selection of books and movies you and your kids can borrow and enjoy the rest of the day.Most libraries have a children’s area where your kids can enjoy some quiet play and you can enjoy some quiet as well.

    End your library day with a trip to Chuck. E Cheese’s for a yummy lunch that you don’t have to cook!

    Then, head home with full bellies and be welcomed by a kitchen that doesn’t need to be cleaned.

    Sounds dreamy, right?

There you have it.

Those are my super simple, quick, and completely doable tips that can transform a stressful, extra-tough mom day into a happy, better-than-most day for you and your kids.

Go ahead…try these ideas!

Let me know what you’re quick tips are for those extra tough mom days too in the comments below or join our All Things Mommy Group on Facebook and chat there!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s . The opinions and text are all mine.

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