Stop Baby Biting During Breastfeeding

First of all, let me say I really miss those sweet memories of breastfeeding my little ones. But, a sweet, serene breastfeeding session can instantly become a nightmare when your baby starts biting. Let’s put a stop to baby biting during breastfeeding and keep mom and baby happy and healthy!

biting during breastfeeding

Now, before we plunge into some serious, real-to-life solutions for those breastfeeding biters, I want to encourage you not to give up too easily on the breastfeeding journey.

Sometimes you have to finally say, “This breastfeeding thing is not working for me or the baby.” In fact, I have had to do that at times — with a very heavy heart and after so many tries at succeeding. But for me and my babies, it just wasn’t meant to be a long-term nursing relationship. But, dear mom, don’t lose hope if you have a biter! Don’t give up because your baby has starting biting! There are answers to your painful issue — and I hope you find the ones that will directly answer your baby’s biting problem below.

May you find your “aha” moment today — just like many moms have on their breastfeeding journey!

biting during breast feeding

Stop Baby Biting During Breastfeeding

  • Vocalize your pain. Isn’t it funny how babies can tell the difference in a parent’s tone? If you’re angry — your baby now it. If you’re happy — she knows it too. If you’re sad — she can see those tears. And if you’re in pain? She can hear your yelps of pain. Many moms affirmed that just their loud “Ouch!” reaction startled their baby enough to stop the biting habit. Just don’t overreact and upset your baby too much!
  • Just say the two letter word. Why is it that it’s becoming less posh to say no to your baby or child? If you’re already teaching your baby, “No, don’t touch the electrical outlet” or “No, don’t pull the dog’s tail,” then the same voice and limitations can be placed on your baby when she nurses. Simple say, “No, don’t bite mommy.” Of course, this won’t work with a five month old, but it can work with a nine month old!
  • Be prepared. Keep your finger near your breast to break suction when your baby bites. This works great for the younger babies. After pausing, allow your baby to latch back on. Any time she bites again, continue to remove her from the breast.
  • Keep things moving! This work best for daytime feedings, but keep your baby occupied. Many times babies bite out of boredom or being full. As your baby grows older, she can remove milk in larger amounts at a quicker pace. Keep her in tune and involved when you’re breast-feeding. Once she shows signs of being finished, remove her from the breast. That will keep the temptation of making mom a teething toy less appealing.
  • Watch for tension. Once you see your baby’s jaw tense up, remove her from the breast. Tension always precedes a bite!
  • Offer cold teethers. Pick a highly rated, chilled teether to offer your baby right after feeding or also at fussy times throughout the day. teething can be a painful process, but so is biting during breastfeeding sessions! Offer your baby a comforting solution without becoming a human teether!
  • Don’t be distracted. Don’t use breastfeeding sessions as time to check out Facebook, Instagram or watch a movie. Instead, use that time to bond with your baby. If you’re distracted you will miss the signs of your baby being sleepy, bored, full or frustrated. If you have a difficult time getting comfy during breast-feeding, try a super-soft, breast-feeding pillow — for free. Use code ENBABY at checkout and get your pillow for free — only pay shipping!

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