Stop Buying These 15 Things and Save Money

What Not to Buy In Order to Save Money Now

It’s always smart to make extra income.

But what’s even smarter to be wise with how you spend the money you earn.

And one of the most brilliant ways to save money is to figure out what you’re wasting your hard-earned money on.

And before you read this list, make sure you take time to breathe…relax…and be HONEST about your spending habits.

We all have money “blind spots” in our daily, weekly, and monthly habits. Let’s help each other save money by being open-minded and definitely reevaluating our spending habits.

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Stop Buying Restaurant Food

I’m amazed at how often people order delivery or go out to eat.

Honesty disclosure: I LOVE going out to eat, but with a family of 8, we see a huge amount of savings if we simply eat at home.

One way I keep eating at home fun, is by trying new recipes often and ordering grocery delivery.

I don’t get stressed about buying groceries anymore.

I use Instacart (here’s $10 for your first order!) and can make freezer meals, clean, and even work online while someone else does my grocery shopping. It saves me valuable time and keeps our pantry and fridge stocked with good food so we’re not tempted to order out!

Stop Buying Debt.

I still hear people saying they’re “building their credit” by getting car loans and even loans for a vacation!

Think of it this way…one loan ends up being two monthly payments that become heavy burdens and added stress to your family.

You have to pay back the money your borrowed (this is the first monthly payment.)

And…you have to pay monthly interest fees (this is the second monthly payment…yay!)

You could be losing money to interest alone every single month.

If you want to lower your monthly interest rate, (which I hope you do) pay down your debt.

I love Dave Ramsey’s principles of paying down debt. You can read those here.

Stop Buying Endless Memberships

It seems like there’s a membership for almost everything these days!

Be careful not to fall down the endless tunnel of memberships.

Recurring membership fees are incredibly easy to overlook unless you’re super organized with your finances.

I highly recommend sitting down with your spouse to discuss every membership you have…then, see how many you can realistically let go.

Stop Buying Replacements for Lost Items

It happens to the best of us!

Keep organized by giving every item a specific place in your home.

Many times people buy 3-4 of the same item because they LOSE the original item.

Common misplaced items that get replaced often (these add up!)

  • nail clippers
  • hairbrushes
  • pens
  • keys
  • sunglasses
  • chapstick

Stop Buying Too Much Food

Keep an eye on expiration dates, and this will save your grocery budget.

How much food do we throw away because we forget it’s sitting in the back of the pantry?

Move items that are closest to their expiration date to the front of the pantry or fridge.

Also, move bread and other items to the freezer when they get close to date.

We have a little rule in our home when we get back from a large grocery haul: eat the fresh food first, and the frozen food last. But it’s sooooo hard!!

This way we don’t dig into frozen pizza, chicken nuggets etc. and lose all our produce and fresh fruit!

Stop Buying Cheap Products

Don’t buy cheap items.

Cheaper products end up costing more money because they have to be replaced more often.

When you buy higher quality products, always look for a sale, coupon, or promo code.

If I’m shopping in a store, you’ll often see me Googling store coupons right before I check out. This has saved me anywhere from 15-30% on almost every shopping trip.

One time I was with my husband at a well-known retail store and he asked the cashier, “Are there any MORE discounts you can apply?” The guy smiled, typed in a few numbers, and gave us an additional 30% off.

It never hurts to ask! :)

Stop Buying Clothes When You Don’t Need Them

Before we go on a big shopping spree, I ask all my kids to dig through their clothes and get rid of anything that’s completely stained, too small, or they never wear. This helps us see what they really need!

Then, we do a quick search online to see which stores are having sales.

We also stop by our favorite discounted stores first. Those stores are listed below.

  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Gabes
  • TJ Maxx
  • Marshalls
  • Ross

Stop Paying Bank Fees

What’s the average overdraft fee? $35.

There are also other, typically unnecessary fees such as ATM fees, late fees, foreign transaction fees, and wire transfer fees.

If you are charged an overdraft fee, contact your bank and ask to have it removed.

Stop Buying Emotional Support

Just like there is “emotional eating”, there is also “emotional shopping.”

Walking through the brightly lit store with all the pretty gadgets and glittery jewelry can be a comfort to some when we’re facing a bad day.

But, after you’ve purchased three throw pillows, another fluffy blanket, two more pairs of earrings, and an extra butter dish, you realize those things weren’t needed after all.

And the “high” you got from shopping will some come crashing down when you realize you busted your monthly budget…again.

Instead of shopping to deal with emotional stress or needs, consider going on a walk in a new park, checking out a coffee shop with your spouse, visiting a free museum, or even cuddling up to watch a movie that’s already paid for.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to unwind or destress.

Learn to enjoy the free things in life!

Stop Over-speNDING on Your Pet

Don’t worry…your pet doesn’t have to have the “very best” of everything.

What your pet needs most is love, attention, and time. That’s all free!

When we got our German Shepherd puppy, we immediately went to the name brand pet store and paid for “all the things” without looking at any price tags.

It was an income killer!

We learned that we were overpaying for snacks, dog food, doggy brushes, and more.

We now grab her pet items from Dollar Tree or Chewy.

I was amazed that Chewy was even cheaper than Amazon and Walmart for some much-needed pet supplies!

Plus, we cut back on grooming bills by bathing our dog ourselves, brushing her often, and even wiping down her paws after every outside trip.

This keeps dirt under control and keeps us from over-spending at a dog groomer.

Stop Buying Pre-chopped Veggies

The amount of money you save by chopping your own fruits and veggies is insane.

Don’t believe me?

Do your own test!

Buy one green pepper and chop it.

Then, buy a package of chopped green peppers and see how much pepper you get for your dollar.

You can thank me later!

Stop Buying Disposable Plates

If you’re really trying to save money, definitely start washing your own dishes and avoid buying disposable plates and silverware.

I know it’s super convenient to buy disposable, but it’s much cheaper to use your own dishes for weekday and weekend meals.

Stop Buying Mani/Pedis

These are definitely fun for a girls’ day out, but there are some awesome at-home gel kits available now!

Our family has this kit. It’s easy to use and the light helps the gel polish set.

My four daughters and I do our nails as we watch Pride and Prejudice and enjoy saving LOTS of money!

Stop Buying Car Washes

You can wash, wax, and vacuum your car at a fraction of the price!

This car wash set will help you get started with all the tools for a gorgeous car wash!

Plus, this hand vacuum makes vacuuming your car a cinch!

Stop Buying Pints of Ice Cream

You almost always get a better deal if you buy the regular size of ice cream.

Pints are fun for date night, but when possible we buy a family-sized container of ice cream.


Take care of the iPhone you have or buy refurbished versions.

Don’t give into peer pressure to have the latest and greatest phone.

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