10 Time-saving Hair Tips for Busy Moms

Life gets busy, doesn’t it? One difficult part of motherhood is trying to find enough time for yourself while changing diapers, home-schooling kids and cooking dinner. To save you time and sanity, here are some time-saving hair tips that will help you keep your hair beautiful — without taking up your time!

time-saving hair tips for busy moms

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10 Time-saving Hair Tips for Busy Moms

  1. Use your favorite body lotion as a hair product. Use approximately one teaspoon of your favorite lotion (mine is here) and smooth it on your ends and over your hair to tame flyaways, give you a sleeker look and make your hair have polished ends. Works like a charm and your hair smells great too!
  2. Deep condition with coconut oil. I just started deep conditioning treatments last year and it has made a huge difference in my hair. My hair doesn’t fall out as much and it is soft and super smooth. I like using a natural conditioner like coconut oil. You can condition during the day for about three hours, or put the coconut oil on your hair before bed and wash out in the morning. I see best results when I use it all night. If you’re using a commercial mask or conditioner, follow the instructions on there, if not, here are my simple instructions for coconut oil treatment.
  3. How to do an At-Home Coconut Oil Treatment

    • Separate hair into super-tiny sections.
    • Rub coconut oil all through strands, really focusing on mid-length and ends of hair. I do use a little on my roots but find it more difficult to get a clean, non-greasy look if I use too much on the roots.
    • Wrap your hair up in a bun and let condition for three hours then shampoo twice to rinse all the oil out. If doing an overnight treatment, I normally put a towel under my head or you can use a head wrap.
  4. Use some baby powder. As silly as it sounds,sometimes washing your hair adds about thirty extra minutes to your time, especially if you have long hair and need to blow-dry as well. If time is an issue, and you have light hair, dust some baby powder onto your roots. It dries up the oiliness and adds a nice, fresh scent. My mom did this for years when I was a kid. For darker hair, check the tip below.
  5. time-saving hair tips for busy moms

  6. Skip the shampoo this morning. Wash only half your hair — in the sink. This tip may sound wacky, but it still works. Make sure you concentrate on your roots. This quick, half-shampoo will give you enough time to still blow-dry and get out the door!
  7. Enjoy a hands-free hair-drying session. Make a pyramid out of your toilet paper rolls and place your hair dryer in the hole of the top roll of toilet paper. Now you can breastfeed or put on your make-up while you dry your hair! Pretty sneaky, huh?
  8. Grab your toothbrush! Tame those flyaways by spraying some hairspray on your toothbrush and brushing those stubborn hairs down. Just don’t brush your teeth without washing the toothbrush out, k?
  9. Want to sleep in? Use dry shampoo the night before so you can skip shampooing in the morning!
  10. Grab a lone sock. Running out of hair accessories? With six kids and four girls in the house, this is the story of my life. But with all these munchkins running around I definitely have socks! Check out the cool video below that shows you how to make an adorable bun — with a sock! Now, I have a purpose for those mismatched pairs!
  11. Dry and style your hair at the same time.Now this is genius! I always love it when I take time to style my hair — and we’re talking five minute curls — just to get the polished look. Check out this Conair Inifniti styling brush that dries your hair, styles your hair and adds volume and shine.
  12. Grab beautiful curls the quick way. Pull your hair up into a ponytail and quickly curl large strands of hair. Take out your pony-tail and enjoy your super-quick, feminine curls!

So tell me moms, do you have any time-saving hair tips? Please share them with us on social media! Our moms want to know every time-saving tip available!

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