Today, I Just Want to be “Mom”

Today, I just want to be “mom” and no one else.

I don’t want to be a super-homemaker, an awesome cook or a successful blogger. Nope. I just want to be “mom” — and that’s it.

today i want to be "mom"

So many times I get side-tracked with trying to cook the yummiest meals ever or keep my floors squeaky clean that I miss out on at least 15 crazy wonderful bear hugs and a giggly game of Go Fish. And at the end of the day, when my kids are tucked into their beds and peacefully snoozing, I peek into their rooms with a heavy heart.

I want to curl up and read them a book — but it’s too late.
I want to have one more tickle war — but there’s no more time.
I want to hear about any adventures I missed during the day — but their tiny voices are quiet now.

You see, today I just wanted to be “mom” — but I wasn’t.

And to be honest, I can’t just be “mom” every single day. I have to be a wife, missionary, home-maker,teacher, blogger, friend, daughter — I have to be all those things.

So, how can I make time to be just a “mom”?

how to be just "mom"

Sure, I take time daily to connect, interact and be a mother to my children, but I seriously, whole-heartedly want an ENTIRE day of just being a mom!

I want my kids to know that they are one of my main priorities in life — even more important than friends, laundry, pets, social activities and work.

But how can I do that?


Yep. I am officially setting aside a day every week for MOM DAY.

It’s going to take planning — but that’s fine. It’s going to take sacrifices — but it’s worth it.

But at the end of my “just a mom” day, I am sure I will not regret my daily activities when I peek into my child’s room at night. I will be able to say, “I grabbed every hug, enjoyed every snuggle, played every game and had an incredible day of memories today — and I was just mom.”

In order to be just mom I will have to plan super-easy meals that require little or no prep and little or no clean-up. It means I will need to have my laundry done and floors mopped before that special day. It also means that all my blogging work has to be scheduled and completely finished before that “just a mom” day.

And don’t worry, my husband totally respects that I want to be just a “mom” and enjoy this super short season in life when my kids are still young and at home. And my husband also knows that he is my main priority and I make time for him as well.

So tell me, dear moms, do you ever have those days when you want to be just “mom”? What are you going to do about it? Stop beating yourself about the MOM DAY’s you could have had in the past, and make them a reality now.

Let’s enjoy this short season of motherhood and make time for our kids now, so we don’t regret wasted years later. Let’s live a motherhood with little regrets!

Sending Mommy Hugs Your Way!

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