Creative Ways Stay at Home Moms Can Make Money

Stay-at-home moms are a special breed of moms.

They want to be involved in every single aspect of feathering their nests.

They’re always there to wipe a fevered brow or kiss a super-painful boo-boo. Even those are precious and cherished moments, they can sometimes feel the financial strain of not earning any spending money or a dependable income.

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As a SAHM and a WAHM I personally know financially draining some seasons in motherhood can be.

There’s no mincing words in this area of motherhood: SAHMs have to be creative if they’re going to be the constantly present, intentional, hands-on mom they want to be and still earn an income!

Don’t worry. I did all the research for you! Just keep this article handy for a quick-reference guide.

Whether it’s extra spending money for fun adventures with your kids or it’s an income that you need to pay the unending bills, we have ideas that will help you see massive amounts of hopeful opportunities!

Feel free to share some of your own money-making ideas with us on social media to help other SAHMs. You can join our All Things Mommy group and start chatting right away!

Creative Ways SAHMs Cam Make Money

  • Join National Consumer Panel. Earn valuable points, which are redeemable for electronics, household items, jewelry, toy, gift cards, and more. (no landline required with this homescan signup)
  • Learn about MindsPay. Joining is free! Sign up today to get immediate access to paid offers. Evaluate products and services of your interest and give them your feedback. You get compensated!
  • Talk about your favorite products. The marketing world has changed, and mommies can now get their voice and opinion out about which products they love and why! Surveys and polls at Toluna are a fun way to share your experiences and get paid!
  • Get involved in consignment sales. There are lots of HUGE consignment sales going on in the next few months. I always try to get in on the well-known ones as well as the lesser known ones that offer a better percentage commission per sale. You can consign gently used toys, clothing, sports equipment, dvds, home decor and more! I typically make $150-$300 on one sale. You can also call around to your local children’s boutique and consignment shops and see if they are needing any items. Online consignment shops are also an option. Stores like make it easy-peasy and pay you for your gently used items.
  • Make home-made gifts. If you are a crafter, consider getting a large stock of your candles, hair accessories, doll clothes, aprons, holiday wreaths or anything that goes over well at craft shows ready NOW! Contact your local civic center and check out the dates for the upcoming craft shows. Budget for a sales booth and cost of supplies. Come up with your own creative idea and you could do really well!
  • Take pictures! Whether it’s food photography, family photography or you want to submit your photography to stock companies, you have loads of options! Online retailers (even Etsy shop owners) are constantly looking for budding and talented photographers to take images of their products! Recipe creators also enjoy hiring out food photographers for their websites. Families are always needing someone to snap a few family pics to celebrate their special occasions. Use your talents, passions and ask around for any job opportunities!
  • Offer baby-sitting services. This is the perfect job opportunity for sahms, but some people may be hesitant to ask. Offer your baby-sitting services anyway to a mom and dad that could use the extra hand. Have your rates available beforehand so you can give them all the information they need.
  • Consider selling jewelry or make-up. Ask around and find an acquaintance or neighbor who is already selling jewelry, make-up, candles or other items women love around the holidays. Having a connection first will give you a head start, plus some honest pros and cons about getting involved in sales. Many companies offer a start-up rate discount around the holidays, so its the perfect time to sign-up!
  • Check into WAHM positions. There is an awesome website that has tons of job listings for WAHMs. From writing to making phone calls, WAHM website is worth checking out!

I also have an in-depth WAHM course that can help moms create a sustainable, work-from-home business that their families can depend on! You can grab THREE free days of the course here!

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