Creative Ways Stay at Home Moms Can Make Money

Stay-at-home moms are a special breed of moms.

They want to be involved in every single aspect of feathering their nests.

They’re always there to wipe a fevered brow or kiss a super-painful boo-boo. Even those are precious and cherished moments, they can sometimes feel the financial strain of not earning any spending money or a dependable income.

Wow! These ideas are super creative! Any stay-at-home-mom who wants to earn money from home will LOVE this list! Ideas for every stay-at-home mom! #stayathomemom #earningmoney #workfromhome #wahm #sahm mommyblog

As a SAHM and a WAHM I personally know financially draining some seasons in motherhood can be.

There’s no mincing words in this area of motherhood: SAHMs have to be creative if they’re going to be the constantly present, intentional, hands-on mom they want to be and still earn an income!

Don’t worry. I did all the research for you! Just keep this article handy for a quick-reference guide.

Whether it’s extra spending money for fun adventures with your kids or it’s an income that you need to pay the unending bills, we have ideas that will help you see massive amounts of hopeful opportunities!

Feel free to share some of your own money-making ideas with us on social media to help other SAHMs. You can join our All Things Mommy group and start chatting right away!

Creative Ways SAHMs Cam Make Money

  • Join National Consumer Panel. Earn valuable points, which are redeemable for electronics, household items, jewelry, toy, gift cards, and more. (no landline required with this homescan signup)
  • Learn about MindsPay. Joining is free! Sign up today to get immediate access to paid offers. Evaluate products and services of your interest and give them your feedback. You get compensated!
  • Talk about your favorite products. The marketing world has changed, and mommies can now get their voice and opinion out about which products they love and why! Surveys and polls at Toluna are a fun way to share your experiences and get paid!
  • Get involved in consignment sales. There are lots of HUGE consignment sales going on in the next few months. I always try to get in on the well-known ones as well as the lesser known ones that offer a better percentage commission per sale. You can consign gently used toys, clothing, sports equipment, dvds, home decor and more! I typically make $150-$300 on one sale. You can also call around to your local children’s boutique and consignment shops and see if they are needing any items. Online consignment shops are also an option. Stores like make it easy-peasy and pay you for your gently used items.
  • Make home-made gifts. If you are a crafter, consider getting a large stock of your candles, hair accessories, doll clothes, aprons, holiday wreaths or anything that goes over well at craft shows ready NOW! Contact your local civic center and check out the dates for the upcoming craft shows. Budget for a sales booth and cost of supplies. Come up with your own creative idea and you could do really well!
  • Take pictures! Whether it’s food photography, family photography or you want to submit your photography to stock companies, you have loads of options! Online retailers (even Etsy shop owners) are constantly looking for budding and talented photographers to take images of their products! Recipe creators also enjoy hiring out food photographers for their websites. Families are always needing someone to snap a few family pics to celebrate their special occasions. Use your talents, passions and ask around for any job opportunities!
  • Offer baby-sitting services. This is the perfect job opportunity for sahms, but some people may be hesitant to ask. Offer your baby-sitting services anyway to a mom and dad that could use the extra hand. Have your rates available beforehand so you can give them all the information they need.
  • Consider selling jewelry or make-up. Ask around and find an acquaintance or neighbor who is already selling jewelry, make-up, candles or other items women love around the holidays. Having a connection first will give you a head start, plus some honest pros and cons about getting involved in sales. Many companies offer a start-up rate discount around the holidays, so its the perfect time to sign-up!
  • Check into WAHM positions. There is an awesome website that has tons of job listings for WAHMs. From writing to making phone calls, WAHM website is worth checking out!

I also have an in-depth WAHM course that can help moms create a sustainable, work-from-home business that their families can depend on! You can grab THREE free days of the course here!

Become a WAHM in only three days!

*Some links are affiliate links to help you find some money-making solutions for moms!*

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45 thoughts on “Creative Ways Stay at Home Moms Can Make Money”

  1. Another way is to stretch the current income and put aside the savings. Start couponing then treat the grocery money saved as earned money, and put it aside in a savings account.

  2. I began sharing Young Living Essential Oils and truly love the supportive community, the friendships I’ve made, the health I’ve gained and been able to share with others, the personal growth I’ve encountered and so much more! The income is frosting on the cake:) I’d love to have you join my fabulous team if you are interested in making some extra (or a lot!) income for the holidays! I love that family comes first and I can fit Young Living in around that:)

    1. Sharing oils sounds wonderful, but requires the investment of buying all the oils first. This not only sounds a little iffy, but isn’t possible for those of us that are trying to make extra money!!!

  3. I have started selling Avon and that really has helped me with three little ones to buy for. It’s only $15 and the products are amazing! It’s great for stay at home moms! You can sign up through my website at www with reference code bdillbeck and have your very own business!

  4. I am so excited for this Christmas! I have always scrimped and saved everywhere I could and this year I decided to start selling makeup! I can not wait to see the looks on my family’s faces this year! Christmas is going to be BIG this year!

  5. I am so excited for this Christmas! I have always scrimped and saved everywhere I could and this year I decided to start selling makeup! I can not wait to see the looks on my family’s faces this year! Christmas is going to be BIG this year!

  6. I just started a series this week on 60 ways to make/save money this Christmas season. I love that so many unique ways to make some extra cash are available. There is something to match everyone’s interests and skill set.

    I’m not too crafty – I’m afraid my creations wouldn’t be too giftable – but I love the direct sales suggestion. That’s one that could carry-on after the holidays.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this information! I am a part of several of the above mentioned survey groups and they are great! The only group that I would caution you about is Minds Pay. I just almost signed up with them and found (after researching them) that many people feel they are a scam. It was reported that it is extremely difficult to qualify or make any money from the different surveys/tasks. Just thought I would pass that along. :)

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I will remove it. I do not want my sahm readers to be scammed or frustrated over survey companies that don’t deliver! :)

      1. Do you really get paid? I’ve tried before and I never received pay. Not sure which ones I’ve tried, it’s been awhile. I got burned before. Please email me! !

      1. Pinecone! Hands down! I have been a member for over 3 years now and get paid for every survey by the next day. They have also sent me several full size products to try. They are awesome. I’ve never made a dime from any other survey site. (Pinecone pays $3 for every survey.)

    2. I signed up for vindale and took about 10 surveys this morning only to get to the end and say I Dont qualify..what’s the catch or am I doing something wrong? Any help appreciated.

  8. I am a wife and mom of 2 school age kids and I work outside the home. I would love to work from home to be more available for my family. I have tried a couple of home businesses before and they didn’t work at that time. I am now afraid to try any for fear of failure. Any advice? Thank you!

    1. i think the key is to find something that you’re passionate about! Your excitement will build excitement in others. I’ve been a Scentsy consultant for a year now and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t encounter any obstacles. But I stuck with it and now my business has grown dramatically. If you want more information feel free to email me,

    2. The best advice is to find a product that you actually love yourself. Then think about how often other people actually buy that type of product. Take the knives, they are amazing but people only buy knives once in a while. You want something that ppeople will want to come back to you for. Then just make sure you find the right company. Some only give you 10% while others give you 50% from the start. It can take a little work but it is completely worth it.

    3. Rather than advice on selling a product that might earn income, I can offer an opportunity to earn income by helping others. It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done….it’s helped ME become a better person and I will have more than enough income to pay for Christmas for my 3 boys!

      Feel free to message me for details!

  9. I started selling It Works! Products. The start up cost was small -$99. I got 4 wraps which I turned around and sold for $25 each, so I instantly had my money back. I love the products and I get a commission on everything I sell. I work when I want to, as long as I want to. I am a retired RN, but I have a heart for young moms that are trying to do their best! Go to my website: or send me a friend request

  10. I am a SAHM of a 3 1/2 yr old and an 18month old. I joined Scentsy lookibg for a way to meet new people and to be able to rebuild my socialization outside of the home. This company has been incredible. Its a business that not only sells incredible long-lasting product, it changes lives!! It has been heaven sent for my family. If you’re interested in learning more about scentsy, please email me. Id love to chat. or visit my website

  11. Hey I do online schooling and watch my son at the same time. Michael is the one who works and I would like to have my own money to spend on him this Christmas. Are there any of these that someone has personally tested?

  12. Another great site is . Gift cards are Instant and you can request a check. So many options for earning. Watch videos, do surveys, email sign ups. If you become a member of the site i will pm you with my fb group where people come together and offer earning advice :)

  13. She is absolutely right that selling jewelry will bring in great cash, especially around the holidays.

    I have had a debt free holiday for the past 6yrs with my lia sophia jewelry business. I can help you earn $2,000 by Christmas just by “working” one day a week!

  14. I joined a new company 3 months ago and it has not only been rewarding but supportive both financially and with the large group of women I’ve met.
    If you like makeup and sharing then contact me at and I can tell you more :)

  15. i LOVE talking with people about how they can build their own home store and save time and money by using Thrive Life freeze dried foods! It’s a great opportunity because food is something we all need, and who doesn’t want to go grocery shopping less?!? I am not a salesperson or a “party” person at all and Thrive isn’t like that at all- you just share it and help others get groceries to their door!

  16. Thank you for this! Yes, selling make-up has been my way to earn extra income while being at home with my son. I am proud to offer natural and ORGANIC beauty and health care products through NYR Organic. Check out my website or FB page for more info.
    I have also looked into local consignment shops as I have a ton of near perfect baby items to sell! Really great ideas! Thanks again!

  17. I love sharing Wildtree with people. The health benefits of making your meals at home using real food. It’s been a slow start but the help I’m providing people is the best part!

  18. Thank you for the additional sources for income. I also wanted to point out the amazing company ItWorks! I absolutely this company. It Works! is a Christian based company focusing on personal wellbeing with natural ingredients. Founders work for their distributors and offer amazing incentives and bonus. contact me now to find out how to make an extra income and current $20,000 debt payoff bonus.

  19. I’ve started Plexus from home with Social Media/Facebook. I’m 44 and had my last baby almost a year ago. This time the baby fat just didn’t come off. After the safe, healthy results I got with Plexus I knew it was something I could share with others and have absolutely no regrets and genuine excitement. Since good health and/or weight loss pertain to all, it does well. Just search Plexus online, my Ambassador # is: 306324 If you want business info, email:

  20. Younique is a very rewarding company, not just financially but you join a network of women that are empowering and supportive. It’s been a blessing for me. Please email me if you are interested in selling this makeup with me and my team. success for you all ♡
    Jenny Zerello, Younique presenter No. 40913

  21. Some good ideas here, but my top tip would be to set money aside through the year and only spend what you can afford. Christmas isn’t about spending money at the end of the day, it’s about spending time as a family and being thankful.

  22. Holiday goody trays with homemade cookies, fudge and candies to local businesses and schools. We also fill holiday mugs with candied walnuts or Carmel popcorn. Popcorn cakes using a bunt cake pan are also top sellers along with pies and cobblers.

    My children help with the baking and tray decorating. We now take orders and make a few extra of everything. As we deliver, we sell the extras to coworkers.

  23. Alison, I stumbled on to ur site quite by accident! I loved ur ideas and the fact that you simply got ppl talking and engaged in even more ideas to share with others…I know that’s the whole concept, after all it is the internet! Its just so reassuring to see such positivity, and no bashing and negativity!! Kudos to you and all of the others who gave their own ideas as well, to help someone else during this time of great need in our society! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all from TEXAS!!

  24. I’ve started selling Arbonne. Great products! And customers keep coming back becaus they are consumable! They have make up,baby products, skin care, men’s shave, cologne, perfume, protein shakes, vitamins, there are products for everyone!

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