10 Tips For a No-Scream, Natural Birth

Want a Natural Birth Without Screaming?

Natural birth is something I’ve chosen six times.

And every time it was an experience worth writing about.

Since you don’t have time to hear about every single birthing experience…I’ll share the highlights of my most recent. <3

My Secrets to a Scream Free Natural Birth

I was waiting to be admitted to my labor room when I heard the intense moans and sometimes screams of a woman laboring a few doors down.

Her voice filled the halls of the labor and delivery floor, and I have to admit it was annoying quite a few people.

How to Have a No Scream Natural Birth

People were giving each other glances that seemed to say, “Grief! Will that woman ever hush?!”

But inside I was thinking, “That poor woman. I wish I could share with her some ideas on a no-scream, natural birth.”

My heart went out to her.

I had been in her situation so many times.

Feeling every twinge of pain.

Trying to make it through one more, long, strenuous contraction.

She Was Struggling With Her Natural Birth Experience

how to have a natural birth experience without screaming

And every single woman needs someone who will care enough to give her a few insider tips.

But timing is everything.

Waiting to help someone through labor on the day of onset labor is not the best decision…;0)

Choosing to have an unmedicated labor and delivery truly takes preparation.

You Have to Prepare for a Scream Free, Natural Birth

Some people think screaming is no big deal when you’re in labor…

But many times screaming is a result of a laboring mom losing hope, focus and control.

Staying calm is always the best solution.

A relaxed mom is one major part of facilitating the labor and delivery process.

How Can You Have a No Scream Labor and Delivery Experience?

During one of my labors, I begin having trouble breathing because the pain had grown so intense.

The doctors immediately began giving me oxygen, which only frustrated me more.

I had to choose right then that I would calm down and stay strong through this pain.

If I lost control and began lashing out in anger the situation would only grow more intense and complicated.

And I have some EXCITING news! Because of the popularity of this post (so many moms are wanting a scream-free natural birth) we created a special scream-free journal just for you!

A Scream-free Journal to Help You!

It contains inspiring quotes, natural labor techniques, Bible verses to help you focus and even notebook pages for you to jot down your natural labor and birth experiences!

It’s 22 pages — just the perfect size!

You can print it out NOW!

If you’re a little scared and intimidated about going the natural route during your labor and delivery, let me encourage you to do it!

I learned so much from dealing and working through the pain.

I learned how to depend on my husband and God even more than under normal circumstances.

I also learned how fragile and weak I am, but with God’s strength and the help of others, I can be strong.

I can deliver a baby naturally and scream-free.

I can endure the pain until I hear my baby’s first cry.

But, again, it’s not by my strength alone.

What is my scream-free plan for natural births?

So glad you asked!

Scream-Free Plan for Natural Births


Wow, I never knew the power of a hot shower until my second labor and delivery.

Why didn’t someone tell me about this wonderful, awesome thing called a removable shower head during back labor?

Most hospitals will let you shower until your water break.

After your water breaks, they often make you return to the bed because of the risk of a prolapsed cord.

Tennis balls.

These are great to help massage your lower back (where most of my labor pains were the worse) during labor.

Ask your husband, close friend or mom to firmly roll those on your most painful spots.

The more pressure, the better!

Rocking Chairs.

During my third labor, I was unable to take a shower because I was being given Pitocin.

However, there was a rocking chair in the room. I rocked and rocked through my contractions.


If this is too much info to remember, grab our FREE printable that has all our ideas in one pretty place!

Inspiration board or banner.

About two months or so before your due date, create a banner or inspiration board with sayings to encourage you through the birthing process.

Breathing techniques.

Sometimes they work — sometimes they don’t!

For my first labor and delivery, I breathed various types of patterns. You can read about different breathing patterns here.

A blanket, the side rail on the bed or even my husband’s hand….poor guy!

Natural No Scream Birth

Baby items.

Seeing the nurses gently roll the baby incubator into the labor and delivery room always gives me a second wind.

Placing those in your laboring room helps remind you that there is a purpose to this pain!

Also, bring in a few items you’ve collected during the pregnancy to welcome the baby.

Definitely bring a few of your favorite baby shower items too!


Through each of my labors, there were times when the pain was incredibly overwhelming that it seemed impossible to verbally communicate with anyone.

However, that is one super-awesome aspect of prayer.

When we’re unable to speak to anyone else, we can still speak and cry out to God for strength, deliverance, and grace.

I won’t deny I’ve asked God to “speed things up!”…ha!

Calming music.

Some moms do really well with soothing music to help calm their nerves and relax.

Dimming the lights helps too.

Anything to create a more serene and relaxing ambiance.


During three of my labors, I asked my husband to stand up with me and just sway through contractions.

It helped me kind of “move the pain” around.

In some weird way, I actually enjoyed those moments of working with my husband to bring our little one into the world.

We were in this together!

Staying focused.

When the pain gets overwhelming, try to focus on what is going on — your baby is coming!

If you feel like you are starting to lose control, ask your husband, coach or nurse to help you focus again.

Share with us on social media how you get through natural births scream-free!

And, if you’re going to be a first-time mom — congratulations and may your labor, delivery and motherhood journey be a happy one!

Help us celebrate your mom journey with you!

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