Successful Natural Birth Secrets No One Tells You

A successful natural birth is absolutely possible. Don’t let people discourage you from choosing a natural birth — there will always be naysayers — always!

Certain people will give you the “Yeah…we’ll see” look when you tell them your intentions of giving birth without pain medication. They’re welcome to their opinion and you’re welcome to have a successful, natural birth!

successful natural birth secrets

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But let’s move on to successful natural birth secrets no one tells you.

Preparing for a natural birth is much more than just taking Lamaze classes and breathing techniques. Those are only a small part of keeping yourself from screaming “Bring me the needle!”

However, I want to add a heart-felt disclosure here: natural birth is not for everyone.

Sometimes the best decision is a cesarean birth. That does not mean you failed as a mother; it simply means you and your doctors made the healthiest and safest choice for baby and mother.

There are other times when labor progresses past 30 hours and doctors recommend you choose medicinal relief to help move things along.

If you choose that route, you’re not a failure either. A healthy baby and mom are top priority — not a natural birth!

After six natural births I’ve learned a few secrets for keeping focus and working through the excruciating pain.

You need to be prepared. You need to have plan.

And you definitely need to know what to do when your labor nurse says “stop pushing!”

Even though I’m not a medical expert, these techniques worked for me and were learned by trial and error OR they were recommendations from friends, nurses and midwives.

Pick and choose which ones you think will be effective in your successful natural birth. And be sure to keep the other ideas handy! Psst! We have a super-cute printable you can download and print today to have all the ideas ready for your natural birth!

natural birth secrets

Successful Natural Birth Secrets No One Tells You

  • Request that medical professionals avoid breaking your water This makes a gigantic difference in the level of pain you experience during natural labor.

    My water was broken in the very beginning of two of my six labors. During another labor, the attending doctor decided to break my water when I was dilated to a seven.

    Because I didn’t speak up about my desires, I had to endure a higher level of pain.

    Think of the amniotic fluid as a pillow or a cushion. It keeps some of the pain from reaching your body. It’s like taking an over-the-counter pain reliever to take the edge off of a migraine. It won’t completely take away the pain, but it will soothe the harshness of the pain.

  • Keep moving. Rock, sway, walk. Whatever you do, keep moving as long as the medical team assisting your birth allows you. Movement keeps the pain moving so it’s not completely concentrated in one super tender area.
  • Ask for visual inspiration. Before labor kicks in high gear, request that your nurse or midwife bring in any tools or baby gear that’s needed for the birth maybe an hour before expected delivery.

    As painful transition sets in, you can visually focus on those items to remind yourself that the pain is almost over!

    successful natural birth secrets no one tells you
  • Pack on the heat. Hot showers, heating pads or warm baths (if permitted) can definitely help numb the pain.

    Some women find extra relief from coordinating hot and cold packs instead of just focusing on heat. But for me, heat was the key!

  • Sing! Some moms find relief from singing. It keeps their spirits up and helps them manage the pain without screaming. If you like music, try it!
  • Have several breathing patterns ready to choose from. Short breaths, long relaxing breaths, a mixture of both — there are several breathing patterns recommended for natural labor.

    You can check out some of the most popular breathing patterns here.

  • Ask your spouse or nurse to escort family and friends out. Friends and family are excited about welcoming your new bundle of joy.

    But there comes a time in natural labor that friends and family may prove to be a stressful nuisance.

    The constant talking, the lack of privacy and even people dicussing whether they think you should opt for pain relief or not can be a little too much to handle while you’re focused on bringing our little one into this world.

    Don’t hesitate to ask your spouse or nurse to very nicely “shoo” them out until further notice. It’s ok. They’ll get over it.

  • Exercise! Routine exercise is an awesome way to get a head start on a successful natural birth.

    Don’t do anything too strenuous, but get moving for at least 30 minutes per day, five days per week. This will give you extra stamina during those last few centimeters!

  • Don’t say these two words. Every single one of my friends that went in with intentions of attempting a natural birth saying these two words asked for the epidural when they were about five or six centimeters dilated. If choosing a natural birth is not their focus that’s fine, but I imagine you’re reading this because it is your focus.

    Here’s the truth: if you say “I’ll try” in regards to having a natural birth, most likely you will ask for pain relief pretty early in the game. Why?

    Because you didn’t commit to the challenge of an unmedicated birth. (We’re not talking about dangerously long labors where complications could occur.)

    Choosing to work, breathe and pray through pain has to be determined before you go into labor.

    You can’t “try” to turn away medication. Instead, you have to be absolutely committed to refusing pain relief when it gets tough — and it will get painfully tough.

    It’s during those moments that the “I’ll try” will come back and tempt you to yell, “Bring me the meds!”

    If you’re truly married to the idea of a successful natural birth, don’t let those two words creep into your vocabulary.

  • Don’t be shy. If you’re in intense pain, don’t be afraid to ask your spouse or the nurse for help — massages, hot compresses, dimmer lights…whatever helps you relax.
  • Relax. It’s incredibly difficult to relax during intense pain, but if you can find the strength to relax, do it. Let your body work through those contractions. A relaxed mama often helps speed labor along!

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