20 One Dish Meals

One Dish Meals Cut Back on Mess!

One dish meals became my best friend about four years ago.

Crock pot meals are on the “bestie” list too.

Any kind of warm, hearty meal that takes less “hands-on” time and less clean-up is a usual around our house.

Life is too precious to spend all day in the kitchen — and I could literally spend all day there cleaning and cooking!

So, these one-dish meals give me a break and my family LOVES them.

I can almost guarantee your family will too!

My husband’s grandfather was a man that had to have bread with every meal, even if it was just a slice of sandwich bread.

If your family has to have bread, a dessert, or an extra side to feel like they are getting a “real meal,” then add an easy salad, some store-bought rolls, or even some ice cream for dessert!

Stay flexible and remember what works for some families doesn’t work for all families!

But most American families love cheesy, hearty comfort meals.

That’s what this list is all about!

These are time-saving, lip-smacking meals that you’ll want to add in your weekly rotation.

Ready to dig in?

One Dish CHEESY Meals

One Dish Meal Idea #1: Baked Pizza Spaghetti.

This recipe went viral.

Can you believe recipes actually “go viral”?

Yes, it’s much-loved and much-shared on Pinterest, so you know it’s a trustworthy one!

Layers of cheese topped with pepperoni is what makes this dish a family fave!

One Dish Meal Idea #2: Easy Baked Taco Pie.

This is crazy easy and so yummy for Tex-Mex fans.

One Dish Meal Idea #3: Chicken Cacciatore Bake.

Love all the flavors in this one dish meal!

One Dish Meal Idea #4: Chicken Philly Cheese-steak.

Did you know you can make cheesesteak in one dish?

Yes ma’am.

It’s sooo easy and sooo yummy!

One Dish Meal Idea #5: Crumb-topped Supreme Chicken Casserole.

My mouth waters every time I think about this cheesy, one dish meal that is loaded with Swiss cheese and chicken broth.

The crumb topping adds the perfect touch!

One Dish Meal Idea #6: Beef Bean Burrito Casserole

Enjoy your fave burritos in a one-dish casserole!

One Dish Meal Idea #7: Southwestern Chicken Taco Casserole

This recipe is a fave among Southwestern food fans.

Love the black beans and sour cream in this recipe!

One Dish Meal Ideas for Busy People

One Dish Meal Idea #8: Tater Tot Nachos.

Did you know there was such a thing?

This is one of my hubby’s faves.

He’s a meat and potatoes guy.

Do you have one of those around your house?

One Dish Meal Idea #9: Spicy Taco Rice Skillet.

This one dish meal will hit the comfort food spot — with a touch of spice!

One Dish Meal Idea #10: Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole.

This one dish meal has some fun variations to it, but still remains a cheesy comfort food that’s perfect to serve on a busy school night!

One Dish Meal Idea #11: Cajun Chicken Alfredo.

Yes, this is made in ONE POT and looks super amazing!

One Dish Meal Idea #12: Sloppy Joe Casserole.

This recipe takes a classic America fave and turns into a hearty, one dish meal! Yum!

One Dish Meal Idea #13: Steak Nacho Casserole.

This meal isn’t just a one-dish meal, it’s a make-ahead, freezer-friendly meal!

Yay for time-saving meals!

One Dish Meal Idea #14: One Pan Caprese Pasta.

This recipe has two of my fave ingredients — balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil.

Now, that’s makes an awesome, one-dish meal!

One Dish Meal Idea #15: Skillet Lasagna.

Yes, you CAN make lasagna in a skillet — trust me on this one!

One Dish Meal Idea #16: Fully Loaded Baked Potato Casserole.

Bacon, potatoes, cheese — need I say more?

One Dish Meal Idea #17: Stuffed Pepper Casserole.

Take one of your fave appetizers and convert to an amazing casserole with this recipe.

One Dish Meal Idea #18: Cheesy Beef and Macaroni.

Ooh! My kids love dishes like this — yours may too!

One Dish Meal Idea #19: One Pan Meatballs.

They’re meaty and they’re cheesy — two reasons my boys will love it!

One Dish Meal Idea #20: Chicken Alfredo Casserole.

A fun twist on an Italian favorite!

Does your family have a fave one-dish meal?

Tell us about it on social media!

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