Easy Peasy Homeschooling Tips Every Busy Mom Should Know

Sometimes busy moms need easy-peasy homeschooling tips (like how to teach your kindergartener these 52 sight words!) to help make the homeschool year less stressful and more adventurous!

These are straight from experienced, homeschool moms!

That’s always my first resource for homeschool tips!

The decision to home-school can be a scary one.

Questions of uncertainty often fill a mom’s mind as she embarks upon the new journey of home-schooling!

Some of us never dreamed of becoming a homeschooling mom, but for whatever reason, that’s where we’re at right now.

Whoa! Every busy mom needs to read these easy peasy homeschooling tips to have a less stressful homeschooling year! #homeschooling #homeschoolmoms #parentswhohomeschool #teachingkids #moms #motherhood #parentingtips #parenting #parentinghelp

Encouraging moms on their mom journey is a passion of mine. That’s why I wrote 18 Things Successful Moms Actually Do as well as Sanity Savers for the Homeschool Mom. Hope those are a help to you too!

But for now, we’re breaking down your homeschool journey into bite-sizedpieces.

Making the journey easy-peasy.

Making it less stressful.

Because you’re more likely to quit if you charge ahead at super-mom speed.

It’s all too easy to get burned out, discouraged and feel like the worse homeschool mom on the planet.

But before you fall into the depths homeschooling despair, try these tips that make homeschooling a more simple journey!

How on earth can busy moms fit homeschooling into their schedules? These easy-peasy homeschooling tips help moms do just that --- without sacrificing their sanity! <3 #homeschoolingmoms #homeschoolinghelp #parentinghelp #momblogger #parentingblogger #kbnmoms #teachingkids #learningathome

Easy Peasy Homeschooling Tips for the Busy Mom

  • Hire or barter for help. Whatever responsibilities you can hire out or barter for, do it! I’m completely for striving to be the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31. I strive to clean my home, run a business, take care of my family’s clothing needs, cook the meals etc….but did you notice the virtuous woman mentioned in Proverbs 31 doesn’t homeschool?Yet, homeschooling is a huge responsibility in itself.

    In order to stay sane during the school year and still be able do some of the family tasks you’ve always loved, then you should absolutely consider hiring out help.

    If you’re on a teeny, tiny budget, then see if you can barter!

    If you have teens, you can barter with them to do extra cleaning or cooking. For instance, give them a later bedtime on the weekend, give them some treats from your secret stash of treats or let them watch a movie after dinner on a school night. (Because those are all not-so-normal happenings!)

    What tasks could you hire out?

    Here’s a few ideas!

    1. Light cleaning a few times per week.
    2. Cheap take-out dinners.(Watch for sales or coupons!)
    3. Grocery delivery service

    Honesty disclosure: I was never able to take these easy-peasy homeschool options our first eight years of homeschooling, but now I am.If you’re not able to use any of these options, don’t worry…we have some other easy-peasy options below for you too! I’ve been there! Be sure to also check out these busy mom cleaning hacks, printable house swoops for kids, easy dinner ideas and my secret nap time formula for toddlers and preschoolers that helped me survive the homeschool years without extra help. Hope they’re an encouragement to you too! <3

  • Use your child’s interests as a guide. Whatever your child loves, use that as learning tool! My fourth child struggled with her reading. She cried every day we began a reading lesson. But once I bought a set of her favorite books, the Amelia Bedelia Series, she perked right up and looked forward to reading everyday.My youngest child is into the book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid (which I don’t recommend eery book in this series…sometimes they get more crude than our family approves of!), The Adventures of Tin Tin and Super Heroes. I try to weave those interests into all aspects of his learning and that makes homeschooling more fun for both of us!

    Why is this an easy-peasy homeschooling tip?

    Because most homeschool stress stems from teaching kids who don’t want to learn.

    If you teach concepts using your child’s personal interests, you can increase their love for learning! This makes school much easy for the teacher and the student!

Whoa! Every busy mom needs to read these easy peasy homeschooling tips to have a less stressful homeschooling year! #homeschooling #homeschoolmoms #parentswhohomeschool #teachingkids #moms #motherhood #parentingtips #parenting #parentinghelp

  • On busy or stressful days, cut back on busy work. Even in my traditional school days, I remember the teachers assigning us “even” or “odd” numbers for our multiplication or division problem worksheets. This way we still got plenty of exercises done, but weren’t overwhelmed.If you or your child is struggling on a particular day, don’t be afraid to shave off a little bit of the busy work.
  • Have a magic rug. This can be used for ALL ages! Toddlers and preschoolers can learn todo quiet activities on the “magic rug.”Older kids can learn to do quiet reading on the “magic rug” and teens can do homeworkonthe “magic rug”. This gives everyone a quiet, but different type of place to complete school-related acuities.

    It’s also an easy way to get all the kids quiet if you need about 20 minutes of quiet time yourself.

    Often times I announce “time for magic rug time!” and set a timer.

    Everyone gets academic work done quietly and in the same area. This makes it easy to keep an eye on everyone! It’s a true sanity saver for our big and loud family!

  • Plan field trips for all your kids at once. Plan a field trip about every six weeks to break up the monotony of learning at home. Here’s a huge list of over 100 field trip ideas for homeschoolers! YAY!Be creative,but keep fried trip planning simple. Children’s museums, art museums, the local newspaper, zoos, science centers, and even plays based on classic literature can all constitute a field trip. You can also prepare printables beforehand of questions each child needs to answer on your field trip to ensure they’re thinking and learning on their special day out!
  • Get the BEST homeschooling resources and curriculum at discount prices. Homeschooling can put a dent in a busy mom’s budget! Be sure to check out my favorite homeschool resource and curriculum sale — the Build Your Bundle Sale!It’s a HUGE sale where educators provide their best resources and bundle them together by theme, age or category in order to give parents an opportunity to grab top resources at a deeply discounted price.

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    All those goodies for signing up to know more info! It’s definitely a “be quiet and take my email” kind of deal…ha!

    I already signed up so I can remember to grab resources when the sale starts too!

homeschooling helper moms

  • Wake up early. I cannot stress this easy-peasy tip enough! Getting up early helps you enjoy some quiet time — alone. Devotions, exercise, light cleaning and a quick breakfast are all helpful to help focus and prepare for a busy homeschool day!
  • Set up a bedtime for yourself and your kids. Wow…I did not realize how important this was to our family until my health started going downhill. But after ensuring I was in the bed before 10PM nightly, I saw a difference in myself and my family.My kids have been faithfully going to bed at 8 PM nightly, and the teens head to bed at 9 PM.

    A blogging friend of mine, Becky, wrote an article on why she puts her kids to bed at 7 PM.

    Choose what works best for your family!

    I’ve learned that if my kids stay up past their bedtimes, I end up dragging them and nagging them out of the bed.

    Not an easy-peasy homeschool day when you’re trying to get drowsy kids to perk up and get up!

  • Plan easy lunches. Here’s my favorite list for easy lunch ideas. They make my life so much easier!

Even though you’re an incredibly busy mom, you CAN make it through this homeschool journey! Be sure to join our All Things Mommy Group on Facebook so you can find even MORE support and encouragement for your journey! Cheering you on! <3

*I’ve added some referral links you can find my favorite homeschool resources!

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