18 Crazy Easy Summer Lunch Ideas for Moms and Kids

Moms and Kids Will Love these Summer Lunch Ideas!

Easy summer lunch ideas for moms and kids are a must-have!

Kids and moms need more time to enjoy the summer weather, crazy vacations and of course — catching fireflies!

Whether it's summer time or the busy school days, parents need super easy lunch recipes that are ready in minutes, make littleness and taste crazy good.NO problem! You'llfind those exact,super-easy lunch recipes right here! Enjoy! #easylunchideas #easysummerlunch #easylunchforkids #easylunchforfamily #easymealideas #15minutemeal #30minutemeal #nofussrecipe #onepotmeal #lazyrecipes

To give you and your kids a stress-free summer with lots of yummy food, I’m offering you a huge list of ideas that will be a winner with moms and kids!

Easy Summer Lunch Ideas for Moms and Kids

Italian skillet.

Oh yeah.

This is my go-to meal during the week!

I’ve been making it for years and no one is tired of it yet!

lunch ideas for kids and moms


This is one of those fun ideas I wish I had com up with sooner!

Easy and versatile, each kid can pick out their very own flavors for a personalized quesadilla.

easy summer lunch ideas for moms and kids

Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Yes, definitely!

This kid-friendly restaurant has just rolled out an awesome lunch buffet that’s summer budget friendly!

My kids and I just headed there the other week and had a blast!

My daughter is on a strict, gluten-free diet and guess what?

They even had gluten-free pizza!

They served it on a separate pan and even had a separated pizza cutter that was labeled gluten-free.

She was one happy pizza-eater that day!

Quick Tuna Croquettes.

You can use canned salmon OR tuna for this recipe!

Even our teens make these on a weekly basis.

It’s a family favorite for a quick and hearty lunch!

More Easy Summer Lunch Ideas Kids Love!

Stove-top Bacon Shells and Cheese.

We never use the box macaroni and cheese anymore after diving into this recipe!

The tiny pieces of bacon make this recipe top notch!

Easy Sloppy Joes.

Move over canned sauce!

This homemade, super-simple recipe will knock your kids’ socks off!

And do me a teensy, weeny favor?

Add a slice of cheese on these babies!

Easy Chicken Salad.

I love I can whip up this ahh-mazing salad the night before and we can just grab some bread and make some quick and yummy sandwiches!

Kitchen never gets hot and kids and mom enjoy a change-up on quick lunches!

Tater Tot Nachos.

These are really popular on Pinterest right now!

Head on over and find out why!

Homemade Ham, Turkey and Cheese Pockets.

These will bring back memories for parents!

But, our homemade version is healthier, super easy and a HUGE winner with moms and kids!

Grab the recipe here!

15 Minute Simple Tortilla pizza.

Store-bought flour and corn tortillas are an absolute necessity in our busy home.

We’re grabbing those easy-meal-making helpers severalties per week so we can keep our large, busy family fed!

You’ll love this easy recipe that kids can helpmate too!

Personalize them for even more lunch time fun!

Easy baked taco pie.

We’re Tex-Mex food lovin’ family and no one complains when deserve this super-easy dish for lunch!

If we eat a hearty lunch, we’ll plan lighter dinner!

Meatless burritos.

Just a few simple ingredients get this easy summer lunch on the table!

Taco Lasagna.

A creative spin on tacos and lasagna!

This one dish meal is super quick to toss together and keeps the kids happy and full!

Easy Tuna BLT.

Can you tell our family loves tuna?

Here’s a super simple way to jazz up a plain sandwich during the summer months!

Zucchini pizza bites.

A fresh and healthier twist to pizza.

These look adorable! Get the full directions here.

Easy Mexican Pinwheels.

These are great for the summer, but work beautifully during the school year too!

Keep these cuties in the fridge and you’ll ready to dig into lunch any day of the week!

Easy Skillet Burgers.

Just made these for my kids yesterday for the umpteenth time and there were no complaints — only thumbs up and smiles!

Just enough of a “thank you”before they headed out for some more roller-blading and water fights!

Pizza Spaghetti Bake.

No kid will complain about getting pizza and spaghetti for lunch!

This is a super simple dish that’s your fave Italian foods all dressed up!

Add a salad and you’ve got a little pizza restaurant in your own home!

What easy summer lunch ideas do you have?

Share them with us in our Family Recipe Group on Facebook!

See you there!


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