Sensory Rainbow Balloon Balls

Rainbow Balloon Balls Are Fun for Summer!

Our family loves simple crafts and activities.

You know the kind that take few materials, are a cinch to make and soak up little of your precious time.

That’s why we are absolutely in love with these sensory rainbow balloon balls.

And guess what? Your kids will love them too!

I so need to add a disclaimer here.

I am far from a videographer, but I LOVE watching video tutorials when it comes to crafts and recipes.

So my kiddos and I decided to throw a few together that you’ll love — just in case it’s easier for you to watch someone make a craft than read about it!

They showed these balloon balls to me at dinner one night.

Rainbow Balloon Balls Are Simple to Make!

Want to know a secret? My kids came up with this fun craft all by themselves.

They were thrilled that I thought these were blogworthy — wink, wink!

I love how my entire family gets involved with the crafts and recipes that go on this website.

Each recipe and craft is family tested and family approved.

The one thing that I loved most about these rainbow balloon balls was how squishy they were!

Don’t your kids love grabbing up the squishy toys at the store?

You know the ones that light up, make noises and are super-duper squishy=squashy?

I just thought these were brilliant since kids love to squeeze and throw things!

All my kids play with these — from my teen down to my preschoolers!

Rainbow balloon balls are perfect for games when you need bean bags or want to toss an object back and forth.

And, if you keep the balloons small, they will last and last!

How to Make Rainbow Balloon Balls Last Longer

The secret to making these super fun balloon balls last longer is to not leave them in direct sunlight and heat for several hours.

Sure, one or two hours of fun outside is fine, but don’t let your kids leave them outside in the yard all day.

The heat can cause the balloons to burst.

And as always, supervise younger children so they don’t bite the balloons, which will make them burst and could pose a choking hazard.

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Ready to make these simple balloon balls?

Tutorial and videos are below!

Sensory Rainbow Balloon Balls

Materials needed:

18 high quality water balloons per ball
rainbow loom bands (optional)


  1. Fill balloons 3/4 full. Make sure each balloon has the same amount of water and leave about 2 centimeters of excess at the bottom for easy tying and tie the balloons.
  2. Create nine pairs of balloons by tying two balloons together in a double knot. Make 9 pairs of knotted balloons.
  3. Next, take one pair of balloons and place the pair on top of another pair in a criss-crossed pattern.
  4. Take the ends of the bottom pair of balloons and use those to make a double knot above the other pair of balloons.
  5. After this, you can fill in balloon pairs on your ball where needed.
  6. Keep adding balloons only in pairs. If you try to cut corners and add four to a pair, your balloon ball will not turn out in a nicely rounded shape.
  7. Use all pairs of balloons until your balloon ball is perfectly shaped.

Now, you can stop and enjoy your balloon ball, or you can take it a little step further and add a simple loom band chain to create a bouncy ball.

Check out the video below that shows you how to create a simple chain with rainbow loom bands. And guess what?

No rainbow loom required!