Mom’s Summer ToolKit for Kids

It’s a big transition for moms and kids to switch from busy school days to laid back summer days. Mom and kids can get stir-crazy if there’s not a summer plan! That’s why I’ve created this simple, summer toolkit that moms and kids will love! It’s cute, simple and easy to use — not to mention FREE!

printables checklists chore charts for summer

My husband and I home-school our children — so we know what it is like to have kids in the house all day long. We’ve come up with simple rules to keep everyone sane, happy and productive.

I guess you can say we thrive on routines. Routines help all of us stay on track and enjoy the security of knowing how our days (under normal circumstances) will pan out.

There are lots of checklists, chore lists and other “fill in the blank” printables across the web. But if you’re like me, sometimes it’s nice to find something that has all the information already filled in and give your brain a little bit of a break. There are times when I feel like mine is in speed mode for 18 hours a day, and I just need a some brain neutralization. I need to press the print button, throw up my lists on the fridge and be done with it — do you ever feel like that?

If I don’t stay on top of our routines and house rules I will be inundated with kids saying:

“Mom, can we watch the tablet?”
“Mom, can we play a game on your computer?”
“Mom, can we have a water fight?”
“Mom, can we have a snack?”
“Mom, can we go skating?”

mom's summer toolbox

With a few simple reminders my kids know that in our house there is no screen-time until chores are completed. They also know when bedtime is and when they are allowed to have snacks. Just those few things really cut down on the stress level around here!

So, how about it moms? Do you need a tool box for the summer? If so, grab it here. You’ll also get some other free resources in your kit as well! We updated it to add even more goodies! <3 Looking forward to hearing how much you love your toolbox! Enjoy your summer!



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