Two SUPER SNEAKY Tips to Get Your Kids To Go to Sleep — FAST!

Need Your Kids to Fall Asleep Fast?

Sometimes we need our kids to go to sleep fast.

child sleeping

Maybe we have a BIG night planned.

Maybe we’re behind on cleaning tasks and we just need one extra hour.

Maybe we need to have an incredibly important phone call.

Whatever the case, I am here to divulge my extra sneaky tricks that I pull out for those specific times when I need the munchkins to enter slumberland — fast!


Let me add a disclaimer here.

Most nights I am cuddling with my kiddos, enjoying telling bedtime stories and even lying in their room until most of my pint-sized treasures are fast asleep.

I do not use these tactics nightly, only when special projects, tasks and needs come up.

Since I don’t do them very often, they work well.

If you are trying to get your kids to go to sleep fast every single night, these may not work so well for you.

I would suggest starting and sticking with a routine first( routine ideas here!), then keeping these ideas on the back burner for special circumstances that arise — planned and unplanned.

So, if you are ever in the need for some quiet, extra time at night — and I know you will be in the near future — then try out these sneaky tips that work well for our family!

My kids are ages 18 all the way down to 9. But I used these tips when they were ages 12 down to 3. :)

Sneaky Tips to Get Your Kids to go to Sleep Fast

Get to Kids Bed Quickly By Having a Contest

This is my most effective, sneaky tip.

I tell all the kids that mommy is going to listen and watch to see which child is the quietest.

They do not have to be the first one asleep, they just have to have their eyes closed, lie very still and not make any noise.

I do not pick the one who goes to sleep the fastest.

That tends to add a level of stress to the kids that relly want to win.

Anyone can win if they just follow the rules.

I stay in the room for the first five minutes or so then leave and return quietly to pick a winner.

I let the kids know in the morning who won.

child sleeping in bed

Here are some prizes I have given out:

Get to Kids Bed Quickly By Keeping Them Active During the Day

On major project nights, I like to spend a lot of time with the kids outside during the day.

We have water fights, wash the car, race, roller blade etc.

Anything to burn up lots of energy after school and chores are done.

I try to keep the pace going all the way until bedtime. Having such a full day helps the kids look forward to a soft bed and restful night.

After lying in their bed for 15 minutes or so, they are normally fast asleep.

Make Falling Asleep at Night Fun!

My kids actually love mom to switch things up a bit and play extra outside or do a contest.

Everyone wins in these situations.

Kids are happy and mom and dad can get some extra work done.

But, again this is something that is not routine, or even nightly.

It’s something that we use when we are in a crunch for time.

Hope these sneaky tips help your family!

Do you have any tips to help kids get to sleep fast?

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