One Simple Tip When Your Labor Nurse Says “STOP PUSHING!”

Has Your Labor Nurse Ever Told You to Stop Pushing?

Here’s the honest truth.

If you’re expecting your first baby (and want a natural, scream-free birth) the time will come when your labor nurse actually tells you to stop pushing.

Really, it’s true.

When that moment comes,

I want you to be prepared.

I want to let you in on a trick I learned in a Childbirth prep class that has worked for me every single time — without fail.

After my first son was born, it seemed there were new babies everywhere!

One day I was chatting with lots of new moms when we starting sharing our birth stories.

It’s something new moms like to do, so just humor the new mom in your life when she gushes with all the details!

Even though details can get messy, I still try to remain lady-like and use discretion.

Some details are better left out, right? Wink, wink!

What surprised me was mom after mom told me that their nurses were absolutely nuts when they told them to stop pushing.

The Labor Nurse Told Them to Stop Pushing

The moms exclaimed, “What?! There is no way I can do that!”

It was at that moment I realized I had learned some valuable advice — and I never forgot it.

It was something that, when I had a patient labor nurse, would keep me from tearing or needing an episiotomy.

What to do when your labor nurse says to stop pushing! This labor and delivery tip actually works!

It also helped the actual birthing process go much smoother.

The times my doctor didn’t carefully monitor the pushing process and let me know it was time to stop pushing, those were the times when delivery was more difficult and recovery took much longer.

So trust me on this one, when your nurse tells you to stop pushing, listen to her!

The only problem with nurses telling you to stop pushing, is that many of them don’t tell you HOW to stop pushing.

Here’s a very helpful article all about the pushing phase of labor!

And, I understand…

Maybe they have been super-busy that day and forgot that tiny detail.

But to you, dear mom who is about to give birth, it’s an important detail that you won’t want to forget!

I have an awesome husband that is there for me every single time I give birth and am in labor.

He helps me breathe through contractions, lets me squeeze his hand until is blue, gives me hot showers to ease the pain and always gives me those “uh-oh” side glances when the monitor shows a big contraction.

Gotta love that!

He Reminded Me How to Stop Pushing During Labor

One thing I love about my husband is he is a great coach.

At the end of the birthing journey, he is right there beside me cheering me on to keep going and not give up.

And every time my nurse said to stop pushing, he has jumped in to remind me what to do.

For the births of each of my six children, I never had an epidural.

I cannot tell you what to do if you are completely numb in your lower region.

However, I can tell you that this one simple tip works for moms who feel every single thing and have a huge desire to push.

And for the natural birth moms out there, we have a labor and birth checklist you can download and print!

And when the desire to push comes, it’s an incredibly strong desire!

By the way, I enjoy that part of labor — if any part can be enjoyed — because it means I am so close to the finish line and this painful journey is about to end!

So, don’t tell me to stop!

But, when the nurse tells me to stop, I follow orders.

I trust her experience in this area.

So What’s the Simple Tip to Stop pushing During Labor?

Blow out the candle!


It’s just a simple thought to keep you from holding your breath or trying to take looooong, relaxed breaths.

Sure, take deep breaths during labor, but not now.

It’s simple.

But, it works — every single time!

My awesome coach of a husband always puts his finger in front of my mouth and tells me to blow out the candle.

By this point in the game, sometimes I need instructions given to me Barney-style.

No joke.

Sometimes I am just out of it, and my comprehension gets a little sketchy.

This Tip Helps Me Stop Pushing During Labor!

It’s nice to have someone to help me focus on the task at hand — and the candle trick always works!

So, dear mom, when the end of your labor is coming and your nurse says, “Stop pushing!” Remember, blow out the candle!

And we want to celebrate your pregnancy with you!

Check out our gorgeous, 41 week Amazing Pregnancy journal that will help you record special moments of your pregnancy!

For the natural birth mama’s out there, we also have a Scream-free Pregnancy Journal that will help you wade through the waters of natural birth — the scream-free way!

Wherever your pregnancy takes you, may it be a joyous time (ins spite of all the discomforts) that you’ll be able to cherish!

Enjoy that little life that’s inside your body!

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