Toilet Paper Roll Crafts that are Super Creative!

Have Empty Toilet Paper Rolls? You’ll Love These Easy TP Crafts for Kids!

We love making crafts from recyclables!

Maybe you have some extra paper lunch bads sitting around, you’ll love these paper bag crafts for kids too!

empty toilet paper roll crafts for kids

Gather those empty toilet paper rolls (and even empty paper towel rolls will work for some of these!) and get to crafting!

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids

#1 Paper Roll Bunny

This bunny is too cute!

Who knew toilet paper rolls would transform into adorable bunnies?

#2 Toilet Paper Roll Ninja

My son will love creating a ninja from toilet paper rolls!

So fun!

ninja toilet paper roll crafts for kids

#3 Toilet Paper Roll Snake Craft

This colorful snake is made from empty TP rolls!

#4 Colorful Paper Roll Unicorns

These are the perfect way to add magic to your child’s day!

Adorable, right?

Grab the full instructions here.

unicorns made from toilet paper rolls

#5 Toilet Paper Roll Winter Animals

Make different winter animals with this simple tutorial.

Kids will love making foxes, penguins and more!

toilet paper rolls made into winter animals craft

#6 Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

Make a bird feeder from an empty toilet paper roll….seriosuly!

Who knew!

toilet paper crafts for kids

#7 Toilet Paper Roll Animals

Animals that kids can make and play with for hours!

Grab the details here!

lions made from toilet paper

#8 Paper Roll Train Craft

Choo! Choo!

Let kids make a train from empty toilet paper rolls!

Find the details here!

paper roll craft train for kids

#9 Little Red Riding Hood Craft From Toilet Paper Rolls

Use this craft to tell the classic story!

Then, you can even act out the story in a fun, quick play!

So many fun activities kids can do with this theme!

little red riding hood dolls made from toilet paper rolls

#10 Minion Empty Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Do your Kids Love Despicable Me?

Then they’ll love using those empty TP rolls to make these tiny, paper minions!

Find the instructions here.

minions made toilet paper rolls

# 11 Paper Airplanes Made From TP Rolls

Kids love airplanes?

Try making these super-cute toilet paper roll airplanes!

#12 Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

My daughter is convinced the world needs more flowers, even if that means she has to make them herself!

Let your kids make some flowers too with these paper flowers!

#13 DIY Marble Run

Empty toilet paper rolls can make the perfect marble run!

My kids love marbles and can play with them for hours!

Grab our favorite marbles here.

Creating a marble run only adds even more excitement to their day!

Love this idea!

toilet paper roll marble run craft

# 14 Fire Breathing Dragon Craft

Dragons made from TP rolls. Pretty genius.

These little dragons actually look like they’re breathing out fire!

#15 Simple Paper Roll Sheep Craft

These adorable sheep are made from…you guessed it…empty toilet paper rolls!

These are great for reciting any sheep nursery rhymes too!

paper roll sheep craft

#16 Toilet Paper Roll Pigs

You can use these toilet paper roll pigs to tell the story of the 3 Little Pigs or even sing the Song, Old McDonald had a Farm!

Kids love Farm animals!

little pigs made from toilet paper rolls

#17 Easy Confetti Poppers

These are holiday-themed, but we think any day can be celebrated!

Do your own thing and add your own colors and decor to this toilet paper craft idea!

#18 Paper Roll Ladybugs

Ladybugs always make my kids smile!

We’ve even had entire birthday parties themed after ladybugs.

If your kids love ladybugs too, make some today from paper!

You Can Use Toilet Paper Rolls or Paper Towel Rolls!

#19 Paper Roll Monsters Craft

Oooh! Look at those eyes!

Find out how to make these toilet paper roll monsters!

monsters made from toilet paper rolls

#20 TP Roll Butterflies

Pretty! Pretty!

These paper roll butterflies are simple to make!

Find the instructions here.

toilet paper butterflies craft for kids

#21 Toilet Paper Roll and Paper Towel Roll Dolls

One of my favorite ideas so far!

Create dolls from empty toilet paper rolls for hours of pretend play!

Get the details here.

dolls made form toilet paper rolls

#22 Paper Dog Made From TP Roll

How cute!

Puppy and dog fans will love making dogs from empty toilet paper rolls!

Find out how simple this craft is here!

puppies made from toilet paper rolls

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