9 GENIUS Ways to Get Rid of Clutter Fast!

Getting Rid of Clutter Can Be EASY With These Tips!

A clutter-free kid’s room, clutter free kitchen and a clutter free living room.

Sounds dreamy, right?!

Red rid of clutter fast

For the past ten years I have been living in Southeast Asia.

I had to truly decide what I needed to keep, toss and give away.

My house in SE Asia doesn’t have closets or loads of storage room.

Everything Has to Stay Organized and Clutter-free.

If our house becomes cluttered, (which it can — fast!) stress and frustration will return.

To keep clutter far away, I normally do a clutter bust every three months.

And then it never becomes overwhelming.

how to get freedom from clutter

Adding a de-clutter day to the calendar is the foundation for all the tips below.

Go ahead and pencil a day in on your calendar.

That day will be devoted to getting rid of clutter in your house.

Choose any day.

Go ahead…I’ll wait. :)

Alrighty, let’s move along!

Now that you penciled it in on your calendar, or added it to your calendar app, you HAVE to stay committed.

Pinky promise me you will?

I wouldn’t be so pushy about this, but here’s the reality.

Letting our homes get cluttered can crush our creativity, drain our energy and even make us lose money!

That’s truly a lose-lose situation.

How to Get Rid of Clutter Fast

I don’t want that to happen to you, my neighbor, my family or even my dog named Sophia.

We even have a spot for her things…ha!

The Less Clutter You Have Around the House, the Better!

For many of us clutter has been a way of life for so many years.

And it’s hard to make a huge lifestyle change, isn’t it?

But learning to become clutter-free is truly invigorating, freeing and creates a fresh, exciting atmosphere in your home!

free yourself for clutter

From one mom to another, please believe me when I tell you that clutter is one of your worst enemies.

The sooner you get rid of it, the better.

I’m going to break down this freedom from clutter list super easy and simple because that’s what busy moms need.

We have enough on our minds without having to brainstorm just how to attack our clutter.

9 GENIUS Ways to Get Rid of Clutter — FAST!!

Be sure to print out your free printable freedom from clutter guide here.

Let’s simplify your life right now and make the old, trite phrase, “Out with the old, in with the new,” part of your freedom from clutter motto.

Ready to be Clutter-free?!

freedom from clutter guide

How to Get Freedom From Clutter

Toss the toys.

Kids are going to be more apt to hand over their broken, seldom used toys after the holidays.

Take this golden opportunity to declutter the house of these space-stealing objects.

Toys somehow find a way out of the toy room or bedroom and start to line the halls, living room and kitchen.

To make things simple, sometimes I tell my kids we are tossing toys until every single toy can fit in the the toy box can close.

Or you can be the FUN mom and try our Toy switcharoos plan! It comes with fun printables so switching out toys isn’t boring or sad!

You can download the Toy Switcharoos Kit Here.

Limit clothing.

After you de-clutter toys, attack the closets.

Get rid of clothes that don’t fit correctly, no one ever wears, are stained, torn or are simply unacceptable.

Let them go.

Clothes can take up space and become an unneeded hassle.

Re-evaluate holiday decor.

Any burned out lights, outdated decor or something your heart is just not in tune with, get rid of it!

You have to store that stuff somewhere, so get rid of the things you do not really enjoy!

They are just things.

Aunt Gertrude is not going to roll over in her grave because you tossed her handmade Christmas stockings to the curb!

Yes, keep some things for heirlooms — but not everything!

Tips to get rid of clutter

Visit the kitchen.

Remember the Tupperware that hasn’t had a lid in 6 years?

Yep, that one.

Toss it!

Get rid of the rusted cookie cutters.

Donate the ugly patterned dish platter that someone else may treasure.

If it is not to your liking, send it out the door to find a more suitable home.

Let your kitchen reflect who you really are by investing in the actual dishes and decor you enjoy.

Like this set I absolutely love — now they’re worth keeping!

get rid of clutter the easy way

Face the linens.

Got any old wash cloths or bedskirts that don’t match anything?

If you cannot reuse them for another project, let them go!

Why fumble through the same old things to get to the stuff you really like using?

If you haven’t used that faded green towel in three years, why keep it?

If you have an irregular-shaped sheet set that doesn’t fit any of your beds, why waste valuable space in your closet?

Send it away!

Tip for linens : this is where I invest in the best! I always look for Sateen weave in a good high thread count. That gives me durable, comfortable, beautiful sheets! You can see what I mean here!

Make Your Home Clutter Free!

Cut back on shoes.

This is where it starts to hurt, right?

But moms, do we really need 15 pairs of shoes for one set of feet? :)

Keep basic colors and styles that can match with almost anything — several casual, a few dressy, one pair of sneakers and one pair of slippers.

You’ll love the breathing room you’ll have when you finally de-clutter your shoes!

Hit the garage.

Old bikes, outside toys and paint cans?

Toss or give away.

Here’s a saying to keep in your mind: “If you haven’t used it in six months, let it go!”

Attack the office area.

During get busyness of life, sometimes we end up tossing junk mail, coupons and fliers into our business area.

Take the time to actually go through and weed out whatever papers you absolutely do not need.

If it’s possible to keep digital records in your office area, immediately make the provisions to do so.

Grab some super-cute organizers to keep the mandatory, business or home-schooling essentials.

Everything else?

Toss or digitalize.

Dig in the cabinets.

Have some utensil or miscellaneous cabinets or drawers around the house?

Open them up and take out every item.

Only keep what you’ll actually use.

Decluttering your house creates a cleaner more organized feeling in the entire home.

The items you just discarded will not be missed, but the newly, eye-appealing interior of your home will be a blessing to all who enter.

Let’s be honest!

It is never fun to have to wade through a person’s home to travel from room to room. Too much stuff in your home only has unpleasant side effects.

Are You Going to Get Rid of Clutter Today?

Take time this week to decide which possessions your family actually wants and needs.

As you rearrange your house after the holidays, prepare for less chaos, less frustration, less confusion and a well-pleased family!

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11 thoughts on “9 GENIUS Ways to Get Rid of Clutter Fast!”

  1. I’ve been doing this while David’s in Greece… I’ve purged everything – closets, drawers, cabinets. It’s felt great to get rid of the clutter! In a small house, it’s way too difficult to keep moving and reorganizing stuff… I’m getting to the point now that I just get rid of things we haven’t used in ages. It’s been awesome!

  2. Just reading this is like a breath of fresh air!! I SO need to do some of these things.
    Fortunately we move a lot so I’ve been able to cut back on what we take with us every time we load up.
    Thanks for sharing such great advice!
    Much Love,

    1. I understand about moving a lot! THe bright side is, it MAKES you declutter, you have no choice:0)
      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi Alison. Thanks so much for linking up last week at Thriving on Thursdays. You motivated to get rid of a lot of my clutter. I feel so much better for it. I’m featuring this wonderful tip at this week’s party. Hope to see you there again real soon.

    Anne xx

  4. Oh, my goodness, do I ever need help getting rid of clutter! Thanks for this great post, and thanks for linking up at OneCreativeMommy.com. I’m pinning this to my organization board.

  5. When my father died nearly two years ago, my siblings and I had the task of dealing with his apartment. He was a pack rat who apparently hadn’t thrown anything away in years. He seemed to have two of everything, and still had receipts for things he’d gotten rid of decades earlier. Going through his things inspired all of his kids to seriously declutter. It felt so good to get rid of unwanted things, and I vowed then to never let my own home get that bad. These are excellent tips. Thanks!

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