17 Indoor Activities and Games for Kids!

Looking for Indoor Activities that Kids Love?

Sometimes you need awesome activities or games for kids that are perfect for the indoors!

indoor activities for kids

Maybe it’s raining…

Maybe you’re sick...

Maybe it’s too cold outside…

These simple activities will help you win your parenting day anytime you need some indoor fun for the kids!

I notice a trend when my kids are beginning to watch too many movies.

We are very careful about what they watch, but still.

There is a mindset that my kids begin to adapt too when they are overexposed to movies and video games.

It’s like they take the “I’m bored. Do something to amuse me,” mentality.

So, many times I try to come up with creative, simple ideas for the kids to play, interact, build relationships and learn in their free time.

indoor activities for kids

Indoor Activities for Kids that are Simple!

Hope you enjoy these screen-free activities that will get “BORED” out of your kids’ vocabulary!

Indoor Activity for Kids #1: Play with Bubbles

Play with bubbles inside?


Just make sure you have towels or rugs in the bubble-blowing area.

Grab some cheap bottles of bubbles or make your own and play, play, play!

Have contests to see who can make the most bubbles in one blow.

Also, try catching the bubbles.

Lots of simple, non-messy, simple fun to be had with bubbles!

indoor kids activity blowing bubbles

Indoor Activity for Kids #2: Fingerpaint.

Lots of fun creations can be made with fingerpainting.

Add some broccoli, cars, spaghetti and other around-the-house items for fun and texture.

Forks and combs are fun texture-adding tools too!

Use this recipe to make some gluten-free finger paint for kids!

fingerpainting is a great indoor activity  for kids

Indoor Kids Activity #3: Make some colored soap.

Lots of fun ideas on this hands-on activity can be found at the Imagination Tree.

Indoor Kids Activity #4: Bake some goodies!

We can spend house in the kitchen baking bread, cookies, muffins and just about anything under the sun!

My kids love getting their hands in on the cooking, and of course, the taste-testing!

Indoor Kids Activity #5: Create some cardboard toys.

I bet you have some cardboard lying around your home!

Grab it up and try out these fun cardboard crafts and toys.

Indoor Kids Activity #6: Prepare for an Indoor Luau Party

Make some home-made leis with just a few materials you may already have at home.

Your girls can then play dress-up and other imaginary fun!

Make some fun, Hawaiian food for dinner for everyone to sport their new Leis!

Indoor Kids Activity #7: Set up a pretend shop.

We have played bookstore, restaurant, and house with just a few simple items.

The more realistic the more fun!

For shops and restaurants, we would use simple things like tea bag tags for money or game cards.

Grab a few of your aprons from the kitchen and give it to the waiters and waitresses for pretend play.

There are so many options with this fun, imaginative play idea!

Indoor Kids Activity #8: Write a story.

Pick out a picture from the internet, a magazine or another place and display it for your children.

Ask each of them to write a serious or silly story about the pic.

Everyone can read their story to the family at dinnertime.

Try this story-writing activity for preschoolers!

indoor activities for kids

Indoor Kids Activity #9: Have a simple, tea party.

Find a perfect spot inside, and give your kids some pastries, crackers, cheese, and fruit. Let them experiment with warm tea, milk, and sugar.

They can even dress up in their “fancy” clothes to make it more fun!

Make sure you invite all their stuffed animals…;0)

Indoor Activity for Kids #9: Go bowling in your living room!

Grab some empty toilet paper rolls and line them up like bowling pins.

Then, roll up some socks for a ball and get bowling!

Indoor Kids Activity #10: Make side-walk chalk.

Use this recipe and make your own sidewalk chalk. You only need 3 ingredients!

Once you’re able to go outside again, try using your sidewalk chalk after it rains.


When the cement ground is wet, and it’s almost like you’re painting with super, large crayons!

Go ahead and plan for this one! You know you want to try it!

Indoor Kids Activity #11: Make paper flowers

These paper flowers are made with cupcake liners and straws!

You can use several different color combinations for to create a beautiful bouquet!

paper flowers for an indoor activity for kids

Indoor Kids Activity #12: Make a simple balance beam.

Line your floor with masking tape and let your kids walk back and forth on the line one at a time without falling.

Then, ask them to walk backward, with their eyes closed etc.

They’ll love this new indoor activity!

Indoor Kids Activity #12: Play Hot Potato.

Choose an object to be the potato.

We typically pick a small stuffed animal.

Play some music and let the kids sit down and pass around the “Potato” in the circle.

When the music stops, whoever has the “potato” is out.

The last person sitting is the winner!

Indoor Kids Activity #13: Try The Listening Game.

Place 10-20 items in the middle of a circle.

Give your kids three minutes to look at them.

Then tell everyone to close their eyes, and then make sounds with the objects.

Whoever guesses the most objects correctly is the winner.

Indoor Kids Activity#14: Indoor Basketball

Oh, those balled up socks are so much fun!

Grab your balled up socks, a bucket, a box, a laundry hamper or trash can will be perfect for the basket.

Let each player take turns tossing the socks in to make points.

Indoor Kids Activity #15: Make some music!

Fill up drinking glasses at varying levels.

Grab some spoons and let your kids, gently, make some music.

It’s fun to see what melodic tunes they can create!

Indoor Kids Activity #16: Have a sing-a-long!

My kids love to get around the piano and sing. If you can play an instrument, invite your kids to sing their favorite songs while you play for them.

Indoor Kids Activity #17: Play with your food!

Grab some rice and corn kernels and let your kids measure and pour to enjoy all the sounds and textures of these fun foods.

Just monitor the mess and make sure no one eats the uncooked food!

Also, try making a veggie train with the kids!

indoor activity to make veggie train with kids

Because we wanted to give you ONE more idea…;0)

BONUS Indoor Activity for Kids Idea: Handprint Twister!

This is the cutest activity ever!

Save little handprints and play a game!

Find the instructions here.

handprint twister for kids indoor activity

Which Indoor Activity for Kids Will You Try First?

We would love to know!

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