How to Clean And Organize After the Holidays — 11 Tips that Work!

Cleaning up and Organizing After the Holidays is a MUST!

With 4 teens, two kids, and two adults, we have to make cleaning and organizing a priority!

Especially after the holidays!

Let’s chat about how to make it EASY, non-stressful, and productive!

Cleaning & Organizing Tip #1: Start with a cup of coffee or Hot Tea

A hot drink that you love is the perfect way to help you organize your thoughts, get motivated, and face the big cleaning and organizing day without dread!

Cleaning & Organizing Tip #2: Turn on “Get Moving” Music!

Music really affects my family’s mood.

If we play our favorite Disney play list (it’s music that’s played at the entrance to Magic Kingdom’s music) or some inspirational music, it helps us get into a work-mode mentality.

And the best part?

We’re enjoying the work and singing to the music too!

More Organizing & Cleaning Tips for After the Holidays

Cleaning & Organizing Tip #3: Simplify Storage

No more larger bins or totes.

We’ve been using large bins and totes for years.

One reason, is because of our 12 years of missionary work in SE Asia.

We needed bins to help us quickly pack and move back and forth every four years.

But, bins and storage totes hard to get in and out of closets.

Plus, you can’t see what’s IN the totes until you open them up.

Sheet storage bags that are fabric material work reeaaallly well!

You can see what’s in your holiday storage without going opening up the storage containers.

You can see them here.

Also, use gallon baggies to store smaller items (you can see through these bags too) like smaller ornaments, pinecones, etc.

Cleaning & Organizing After the Holidays Tip #4: Grab BIG bags

Grab some Giant XXL “baggies” that are sturdy, strong and can hold a lot of holiday decor!

You can quickly toss some holiday decor in these, zip, and store!

See them here (But they quickly sell out EVERY year!)

If they’re sold out, find something super similar on Amazon. :)

mantel before cleaning and organizing

Cleaning & Organizing Tip #5: Donate

This is the best and easiest time to donate!

If you can’t fit your Christmas decor, coats, toys etc. back into your closets, attic, or garage, then definitely get rid of at least 1/3 of your stash!

While you’re organizing you can quickly put items to the side, put them in a bag or box, and send them to your nearest re-sale shop.

You’ll be down-sizing, de-cluttering, and helping others!

It’s a win-win!

(Plus here’s a fun way to get your kids involved when it comes to their toys!)

Cleaning & Organizing Tip #6: Get a 9ft Christmas Tree Bag

Sounds crazy right?

But if you have smaller Christmas trees around the house, you can easily store 3-4 of your smaller trees in these bags!

And they’ll be ready for next year!

See the 9ft Christmas tree bags here!

Our Favorite After Holidays Organizing & Cleaning Tips!

Cleaning & Organizing Tip #7: Wrap it up!

Fragile decor wrap can be easily wrapped in cheap bubble wrap.

This keeps nativity sets, snow globes, and Christmas towns safe for years to come.

Find some cheap bubble wrap here!

wall hanging before organizing and cleaning

Cleaning & Organizing Tip #8: Suit Up!

Suit jacket storage covers (like these) are perfect for storing holiday wrapping paper (you can use it for birthday wrapping too).

You can clearly see the wrapping paper and can even hang it neatly when you add a S hook here to the suit bag!

Plus you can use leftover wrapping paper to play hockey — seriously! :)

Cleaning and Organizing After the Holidays Tip #9: Light it up

LED puck lights are great for seeing your holiday storage items when they’re kept un darker closets.

You can grab them here and use them today to see all of your storage areas more easily!

Cleaning & Organizing Tip #10: Deep Clean As You Go

Thoroughly dust, polish, and scrub as you’re cleaning off all surfaces that were decorated.

Give your porch an extra sweeping after you take down Christmas lights and really polish your mantel, stair banister, and bookshelves because you’re already pulling everything off the shelf!

Plus, it will feel reeaallly good restoring your home to its pre-holiday cleanliness!

And it didn’t take tons off extra time because you were already cleaning and organizing. :)

nativity set before cleaning and organizing

Cleaning & Organizing Tip #11: Re-use Your Picture Frames

After the holidays we can either feel motivated or bummed the excitement is over.

Life returns to normal, the decor comes down, and the carols fade away.

How can we motive and encourage ourselves and our family members to look forward to a better, happier, more productive year?

A simple way is to frame inspirational sayings to help everyone re-focus!

And maybe a few fun ones too :)

mantel with garland before cleaning and organizing

How Do You Clean and Organize After The Holidays?

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