The Most Thoughtful Christmas Gifts to Give Your Child This Year

These Thoughtful Christmas Gifts Are Perfect for Kids!

“It’s the thought that counts, right?”

Most people say this line in reference really bad gifts they receive during the holidays, but I believe each gift should be filled with heart and thought — especially gifts for kids.

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I don’t always load up on the latest and greatest gifts every year, but rather choose to invest in gifts that will make a difference in the long-run.

You know, like the gift you still remember this day that your grandmother gave you when you were six years old?

Gifts like that are the ones that make the most thoughtful gifts list!

Take notes as these are the MOST THOUGHTFUL gifts for kids ever known to man — at least in my opinion!

Most Thoughtful Holiday Gift Guide

Recordable storybooks.

This gift has so many sweet and thoughtful aspects to it!

Parents or grandparents can record themselves reading the stories and children can listen to them over and over!

Build A Bear gift card.

This will give your child and experience and a gift to keep!

Build a Bear offers many personalization options that make each bear or stuffed animal special and unique!

We know….we have six!

Photo books.

These are super-creative ways to keep special memories all in one safe place for your child to explore!

My favorite pick?

This simple, brown-paper, covered one!

This gift says, “I am planning on spending LOTS of fun time with you — together!”

And you can use some of our simple play ideas here to get you started!

Thoughtful Christmas gifts for your child

Piano Lessons, karate lessons etc.

Several years ago one of my piano student’s parents told me that their lessons were part of their Christmas gifts.

You know what?

Their children (it was three kids) were my best piano students ever.

Giving lessons as gifts made them all the more special and the parents and the kids made sure they practiced and took their lessons seriously.

If your child wants to pursue a skill, give them lessons as a gift!

Parent/child journal.

Sometimes it is much easier to write down our innermost feelings that to say them out loud.

Give your child a special journal where just you two can write personal thoughts to each other.

And you definitely want to consider an embarrassing questions journal too for super-tough questions!

Have a designated space in your home where you can each place the journal if you have something important or pressing to discuss, but find it too difficult to put into words.

It’s also just a sweet way to stay connected and let each other know that you are loved and cherished.

Hope chest.

My girls are so excited about inheriting my hope chest.

Though they are only 11 years old and under, they want to start saving special, memorable objects for their future now.

They also enjoy holding and touching treasures from the past.

My wedding dress, some special china, and a coming home baby outfit are all tucked away in my chest awaiting my daughters.

By giving them their own chest, you are helping prepare them for many treasured memories for the future!

Personalized trinket box.

Christmas gift ideas for your child

All of my kids have treasures.

My youngest stuffs his into a sock, my other daughter finds empty boxes to keep her “treasures” in.

I bought my oldest daughter a jewelry box and everyone oohed and ahead.

Kids love a unique place to keep their treasures — whether it’s rocks, shiny buttons or jewelry…

It’s all precious to them!

Here’s a unique, trinket box that’s purple!

Craft book with tons of supplies.

I never did many crafts with my kids until a few years ago.

Wow, was I missing out!

Crafts are a great way to make memories with your kids and enjoy some giggles together!

Check out this amazing book that has over 100 unique ideas to get you and your child crafting up a storm!

Make sure you also supply your child with loads of craft supplies for hours of crafting fun!

Warning: your child may not want to open the rest of his presents — he may want to start crafting NOW!

Embroidered blankets.

Eight years ago a lady in my church gave me a HUGE gift bag of blankets.

She had made two for my little one on the way and then one for each family member — including me and my husband!

To this day, my kids still remember those blankets.

They loved how each one had their very own name on it.

You can see one I personally love here!

Seriously — it was one of the most thoughtful gifts my kids had ever received.

Pretend Dress-up Items.

Child dressed up in pretend play outfit to show a thoughtful gift for the holidays

Pretend dress-up items (like this HUGE set!) encourage hours of imaginative play.

Hats, sunglasses, princess dresses, scarves and more all thrown into a box or trunk is like an imagination playground of all time!

We made princess crowns one day, and my kids ONLY played with those for hours.

Princess crowns used for pretend dress-up

Another day, we snagged a princess dress for $3 at a thrift store and my girls played princesses for several hours as well. This holiday season, give the gift of imagination!

Classic board games.

I have so many fun memories of growing up playing classic board games with my grandmother and brothers.

We played Chess, Checkers, The Game of Life, and Rook.

We enjoyed so many laughs and I still love playing these games with my kids today!

Kid-friendly coupons.

My kids love getting these at the holidays!

Here are some super-cute, printable ones from Happy You, Happy Family.

I give them stay up cards, get out of dinner clean-up cards, no chores day cards, free snacks or drink cards, etc.

You know what your kiddos love!

Use that as a super-thoughtful gift! We write and cut out our own, but if you want some super-cute templates, check these out!

Bikes for the entire family!

Of course, you should get your kiddos some bikes.

They need them!

A bike equals more freedom, more adventures and more outdoor time.

See which bike parents are raving about here.

And see our favorite pick for a kid’s bike here!

If you already have a bike — great! Lots of family biking trails are popping up all over the country.

Check out your local area for the most-family-friendly trail!

Which Thoughtful Gift Do You Love Most?

Make the holidays the most thoughtful ever by filling it with gifts that will make memories and childhood dreams come true!

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