34 Non-toy Gift Guide for Kids That Everyone Loves!

Kids and Parents Love this Non-toy Gift Guide!

When your house has too many toys, these gift ideas will come to the rescue!

non toy Christmas gift ideas for kids

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#1: Amusement Park Trip.

Surprise your kids with tickets to Disney World or Dollywood!

We did an entire post on Dollywood hacks here so you can have the BEST amusement park trip with kids!

child at amusement park as part of a non toy git

#2: Coupons for Late Bedtime

Kids love staying up late!

Let them camp in the living room and make fun, s’mores like these that don’t require a fire!

Print out some coupons here!

#3: Lunch or Dinner Date with Mom or Dad

Young kids love these adventures with mom and dad!

Check out our Christmas parent/child date ideas here!

#4: Camping Trip

Get in touch with nature with a camping trip! Make sure it’s to a NEW place!

Be sure to grab the perfect tent before you head out.

#5: Fishing Trip

Fishing trips are perfect for family memories!

Grab this highly reviewed fishing rod kit for the kid in your life!

#6: Movie Night

Pop some popcorn, get some movie theater candy, and grab a classic movie.

Also check out our picky parent approved movie list for more movie ideas!

#7: Board Games

Mix it up with classics like Monopoly, Life, and Sorry, plus new games like Code Names and Monopoly Deal!

We love that Monopoly Deal is a shorter version of the classic!

More Creative Non-toy Gift Ideas for Kids

#8: Piano Lessons

Check out Facebook groups and ask friends for piano teacher suggestions.

Many piano teachers are teaching via Zoom, but most music teachers prefer in-person lessons so they can see the student’s posture more clearly.

For beginners, you don’t have to hire someone with a Master’s degree, just someone who is proficient in piano and enjoys teaching.

As your child progresses in her skills, then you can seek out a well-educated, well-trained teacher.

#9: Karate Lessons

These lessons can be great for physical exercise!

#10: Art Class

Online classes are available as well as online courses.

#11: Zoo Trip

Check your local zoo’s calendar for special events and grab tickets to one of those.

Or, you can check out your state’s main zoo and give your kids a bigger zoo experience they’ll remember for years to come!

#12: Mini Golf

Kids of all ages will appreciate this out of the box idea!

#13: Ice Skating

It looks so easy in the movies, but kids will learn that it takes patience and practice to get to be a good ice skater!

#14: Art and Craft Supplies

Shhh! I actually bought my daughter a set like this for Christmas this year!

She’ll love to use it as she illustrates the characters in her stories she writes for young adults!

#15: Cooking and Baking Supplies

Encourage your kids to cook or bake with this ultimate set of baking supplies!

Just having this set will give them the “I need to bake something NOW!” itch! :)

cooking classes and supplies as a non toy gift idea for kids

Non-toy Gift Ideas for Kids That Everyone Loves

#16: Baking Classes

Sometimes it takes a few classes to really peak a child’s interest in a certain area.

A few baking classes will help your child see just how many things they can create and bake at home!

#17: High Quality Shoes

It’s hard to say “yes” to the expensive shoes during the year, but Christmas is a time for giving!

Buying awesome athletic shoes like these or some high quality boots is a great non-toy gift idea!

#18: Pretend Play Clothes

This is the PERFECT time (can you say after Halloween sale?!) to grab dress-up clothes!

choosing dress up clothes as a non toy gift idea

#19: Sporting Equipment

Anything that gets kids outside!

This agility training ladder is super unique and great for American Ninja fans!

#20: Calligraphy set

Calligraphy is a beautiful skill to learn!

Here’s a great starter set!

#21: Personalized Book

These are perfect for bedtime stories!

They put your child into the story’s adventures!

I personally love this version!

#22: Personalized Jewelry

Adorable necklaces and bracelets are even cuter when they’re personalized with notes from mom or dad!

You can add any text to these bracelets!

Gift Ideas for Kids that Aren’t Toys

#23: Butterfly Kit

These encourage kids to hunt for insects and butterflies!

Here’s a popular butterfly garden and kit to check out!

#24: Sewing Machine and Sewing Kit

Choose one that has a simple to follow guide, several stitches to choose from, and is visibly appealing to young kids and teens.

We love this one!

#25: Tea Party

Call your local bakery and tea shops to see if they offer tea parties.

Or, you can offer to host one for your child and her friends!

#26: A Spa Day

Local spas will often advertise discounts on Groupon.com.

Check local Facebook groups for new spas in the area that are offering discounts.

Make it a mommy/daughter spa day too!

#27: A Lazy Day

Give your child the gift of being lazy! Let them stay in their jammies and RELAX.

We share our lazy day tradition here.

#28: Play Tent

Kids will play in these for HOURS!

We love the pop-up versions because they’re no stress to put up and take down.

This unicorn play tent is adorable!

playing in a tent for a non toy gift idea for kids

#29: Headphones

Great for online school, listening to music, playing games, or watching favorite movies.

This two pack is perfect for kids to share!

#30: Bathtime Paint and Crayons

Let’s be honest…we normally don’t buy these items for our kids!

The holidays or birthdays are the perfect time to grab the cute, bath sets.

Check out this Baby Shark Bathtime Paint and Crayons set kids LOVE!

#31: A Pet

Pets can teach kids responsibility and provide a companion for an only child.

Be honest when you think of what type of pet is good for your family.

Some families aren’t able to commit to a dog or cat, but a fish or turtle is doable for small spaces and busy families!

#32: Camera

Encourage your kids to become budding photographers and capture special moments! This can turn into a hobby or even a future profession! Either way, its a great gift for a kid!

This camera is popular for young kids!

#33: Bedroom Decor

Everyone can use some extra happiness in their bedroom!

Elsa and Ana fans will love this couch in their bedroom!

#34: Boutique Hairbows

These super-cute hair bows dress up any outfit!

Which Non-toy Gift Will You Give Your Child?

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