8 Fun and Simple Day Trips for Toddlers and Preschoolers

summer day trips for preschoolers

Are you aching to get outside? Just because you have toddlers or preschoolers doesn't meant you can't get out and have some fun! Here are some day trips that you and your tiny companions will enjoy! Who said big kids get all the fun anyway?Psst! I kept these ideas super simple. Why? Because you're a mom and some days we need simple --- just to function. I'm talking frozen pizza and goldfish for lunch simple. So don't see the words "day trip" and feel like you need to run and hide your head under the pillow. You won't have to plan a million outfits or three meals. But, you will want to take your camera to catch all your favorite, fun memories!So, get outside your home and … [Continue reading...]

Rainbow Handprint Silhouettes

rainbow handprint silhouette art craft

With small children in the home, little handprints seem to end up everywhere — sometimes in a rainbow of colors! They’re on the freshly cleaned glass and the newly painted walls. Let’s not forget the sticky imprints on the couches! As frustrating as it may be to clean up the mess, I know the day […]

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18 At-Home Hiccup Cures that Work!

easy hiccup cures that work

Do you remember when your child had a stubborn case of hiccups? Or maybe you did? Don’t you wish you had more than one “go-to” remedy to try back then? Just to make your motherhood journey a little bit easier, we’re talking about some at-home hiccup cures that actually work! We have hiccup cures from […]

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8 Tips for Preventing and Managing Migraines from a Doctor

migraine tips from a doctor

Migraines were becoming a part of motherhood for me. It seemed every other day I was suffering with a migraine. Sometimes these unwanted visitors kept me in bed for hours — even days. However, life didn’t stop. My family still needed meals, the house still needed to be cleaned and several kids needed to finish […]

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Easy Cupcake Liner Poppy Craft

cupcake liner poppy craft

Is it starting to feel like spring where you are? We are in need of some sunshine and flowers here, so we decided to make our own cupcake liner poppy craft to celebrate the new season. If you’re not a fan of poppies, then you may enjoy some pinwheel daffodils or pinwheel poppies. These Poppies […]

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