Simple Tuna Croquettes Recipe

easy tuna croquettes

Tuna is a staple in our house. I love to grab a pouch or can of tuna on a busy night and whip up one of my fave tuna recipes --- tuna skillet, tuna melts or tuna croquettes. I am amazed at moms I meet that have never ventured beyond tuna salad. If that's you, I challenge you to try a new adventure -- the adventure of serving tuna as a main dish!I know you busy moms are trying to find easy and quick recipes to make up your weekly meal plans! It's back-to-school time, and soon it will be running into major holiday season. So, do yourself a favor and try this recipe at least once. After one try, your family will probably request it over and over, and you'll love to make it because … [Continue reading...]

14 Fun and Creative Fall Date Ideas

creative date ideas

Squuueeeeaaallll!My Favorite season is finally here -- FALL! Insert applause and woots here. Fall is the perfect excuse to go on more dates with your husband, or plan some extra fun at-home dates! The chilly weather and beautiful scenery seem to scream "Get close to your hubby!"So to celebrate the best season ever, here are 14 date ideas to get you and your husband having some mushy fun!Go on a hay ride. Yep, it's kind of countrified, but it's fun! The outdoorsyness of the moment gets everyone giddy and smiling -- including your hubs!Go on a serious search for the best pumpkin latte. Check out your fave coffee shop's newest version of the pumpkin latte. Share a … [Continue reading...]

25 Fall Breakfast Recipes

fall breakfast recipes

What kind of breakfast reminds you of fall? Muffins, banana bread, pumpkin pancakes? Mmm…all of the above! Fall is my favorite season — the weather, the food and all the gorgeous scenery outside makes me want to celebrate it as often as I can! Here are 25 Fall breakfast recipes to keep your recipe box […]

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Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole

close-up of tater tot casserole

Does your family love tater tots? They are endangered around our home! This tater tot casserole did NOT last long! In fact I heard my son say, “Awww….man!” when he realized this dish had been gobbled up by our ever-hungry family. Casseroles are awesome for busy moms. They create a yummy, one-dish meal that you […]

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What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

kids seeking God's guidance

What’s one of the most popular question adults ask children? You got it! “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Maybe we should re-think our question. I had it all planned out. Graduate high school, major in music and become a professional singer. My entire four years in high school was spent […]

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Handprint Twister for Preschoolers

handprint craft for preschoolers

Twister is a fun way to teach your preschooler colors while having fun! Make it even more fun by making your OWN twister game with handprints! This was a super fun craft and game for my preschooler. She couldn’t wait until we finished snapping pics so the twister game could be all hers. We used […]

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No-bake Snickers Cheesecake Bites

snickers cheesecake bites

Ah, no-bake recipes! These HAVE to be my fave desserts to make — besides cake mix cookies. This mom is always looking for yummy recipes that take little time to prepare and taste fantastic! These snickers cheesecake bites win in both categories! I know it’s dangerous to say Snickers and cheesecake in the same sentence. […]

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Birthday Thoughts In a Jar Game

thoughtful birthday activity and craft

Celebrating a child’s birthday is so much fun! I love planning the perfect day for my kiddos when their special day comes. In fact, I often wonder who looks forward to my child’s birthday more — me or my child? Just this year we started a new birthday tradition. I call it the Birthday Thoughts […]

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Southwestern Chicken Chopped Salad

southwestern chopped salad

Complete, total, honest confession here. This is my FAVORITE salad ever. Yes, I said EVER! Southwestern salads have always been a fave of mine, but add chopped to the list and I am smitten. It’s love at first bite! I remember my first chopped salad — do you? I have been loving salad since I […]

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Best Places To Snag Kids Clothes for Cheap!

kids clothes for cheap

With the school year in swing, and the holidays around the corner, a mom has to constantly be on the hunt for awesome deals on kids clothes. With six kids at home, I am always buying clothes — always! Yes, my kids wear hand-me downs, but kids are always growing and need some new duds […]

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