Simple DIY Holiday Luminaries

easy diy holiday luminaries

Holiday luminaries are a simple, yet elegant way to decorate your home for the holidays -- diy style! Don't worry! This holiday craft won't soak up all your precious time, and you can even get the kiddos involved! A major part of the holiday season is knowing how to add that special holiday touch to your home --- whether it's the food, the scents, or the decor --- you want everything to be simply perfect!My friend Stephanie has a great idea to get the "how" part of your decorating done. Unlike me, she is a crafting mom! She is always coming up with new ideas and projects. You will probably be hearing much more from her in the future as she continues to shares her great diy … [Continue reading...]

10 Phrases and Questions Moms of 3 or More Kids Are Tired of Hearing

moms are tired of hearing

If you have more than three kids it is very likely you have heard the following, unsolicited remarks from complete strangers, family and friends. It seems no one can keep their negative views and thoughts on children to themselves. It takes a lot of grace and patience to respond kindly and walk on, though most […]

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Why A SAHM is a Gift to Her Husband

sahms are gifts

This is one of those “hot-topic” debates, don’t you think? However, I’m not trying to spark a heated discussion, but rather encourage sahms to know they are valuable to their husbands — and in essence, gifts. I love reading parenting articles. They always get my mind churning about this motherhood thing. New ideas, parenting hacks […]

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9 No Good, Very Bad Toddler Habits

no good very bad habits in toddlers

Toddlers are simply adorable, aren’t they? Oh, I just love them! It’s so much fun to see them learn new things, grow and feel their chubby arms squeeze you oh-so-tight and listen to them mispronounce words over and over again. But, despite all the cuddles and giggles of toddlerhood, there are some no good, very […]

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