Must Have Freebies for New Moms

free stuff for moms

*Affiliate links are included in this post, but all opinions are my own. Affiliate links are also added for the reader's convenience.*Adding a baby to your family is a life-changing addition. Now you will begin one of the most rewarding journeys a woman can ever experience -- the journey of motherhood. Yes, life will hold new responsibilities, new financial strains and even new obstacles, but. Yes, I meant to put a period there for a dramatic pause...wink wink!Words fail me to express to you the joy that your newest bundle will bring into your life. It's worth the journey, Mom -- there's no doubt about it! And, to get your journey started off on the right, super-fun foot, I rounded … [Continue reading...]

12 Ways to Get Your Home Visitor-Friendly for the Holidays

get ready for holiday guests

Do you need to get your home visitor-friendly for the holidays? Hmmmm...let's see.You have your entire sumptuous menu planned for your holiday guests: succulent turkey with your secret recipe glaze, green-bean casserole with homemade caramelized onions, sweet potato souffle with a pecan streusel topping, homemade yeast rolls, two caramel apple pies, three traditional pumpkin pies and two Chocolate Silk Pies. The other visitors are bringing appetizers and drinks. You turn around in excitement, and as your eyes leave your tempting menu, you gaze upon your house.Oh yeah. Visitors have to be in my house to eat. Don't fret! You still have plenty of time to get your home comfy, inviting … [Continue reading...]

The Narcissistic Parent

selfish parents

Is it possible for narcissistic, self-centered parents to be in the Christian realm of parenting? Unfortunately the answer is yes. My heart is overwhelmed with emotions as I write this post. I am angry, ashamed and heartbroken. I am also mildly concerned about possible negative reactions from my readers, however I feel the need to […]

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Perfect Party Food For Kids

prefect party food ideas for kids

You’re planning the most amazing kid party ever, right? What’s the MAIN ingredient for a great party? Yep, you guessed it — perfect party food! Pleasing kiddos, and their parents, is not always an easy task. Plus, you have to think about convenience and cost. Let’s get your party planned the fun way — with […]

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Thanksgiving Giveaway — KitchenAid Mixer and $100 Walmart Gift Card!

kitchenaid mixer giveaway

Thanksgiving is the season to give thanks! Today, a bunch of inspiring bloggers are teaming up to thank our readers for their continual support! We brainstormed about what gifts would make your Thanksgiving holidays even more special. While we wish we could bless all our readers, we are excited about helping and encouraging one wife […]

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11 Monthly Clubs That Can Save Moms Money

save moms money

As a frugal mom, I am always finding ways to save some extra money. We make our own laundry detergent, (when we are in America), cook from scratch, buy used, shop clearance and stick to a budget. But, now I am realizing there are more and more monthly clubs that can save moms money and […]

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Dear Moms, You Should Spoil Your Kids!

parents spoil kids

Spoiling your kids has such a negative connotation — but is it all that bad? I guess it depends on what you consider “spoiling” is. Many times I hear parents give these examples of spoiling: Buying the kids toys Frequent trips to the park Giving candy, ice cream and sugary treats to the kids Letting […]

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Mini Christmas Crunch Cookies

mini Christmas crunch cookies recipe

Cookies have become synonymous with Christmas, haven’t they? Many of us anticipate that warm and fuzzy happy feeling we get when we bite into the perfect Christmas cookie. Since there are so many Christmas cookie recipes, I wanted to try something new. A cookie that had all my fave Christmas ingredients and one that would […]

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12+ Bedwetting Solutions From Moms

bedwetting helps

Bedwetting has been an unpleasant circumstance that many kids secretly deal with night after night. Spending the night away from home no longer is a fun expedition, but a situation that could easily become an embarrassing, life-long memory. Don’t worry, moms! We have an AWESOME list of solutions and sanity savers today for you from […]

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6 Ways to Help Your Baby or Toddler Stay Asleep At Night

how to get toddler to stay asleep at night

I cannot count the times a mom has asked me with these questions: How can I get my baby back to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night? How can I get my toddler to stay asleep? Some of these exhausted mothers had babies who were four months old, some were […]

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