Mom Confession: I Use a Tablet For a Baby-sitter

best tablet for kids

"Hey bro, how are the kids?" I interrogated my brother who was helping my mom baby-sit my munchkins. He still lived at home with my parents and I was in the hospital with baby number four. My mom graciously offered to watch my other three kids while I recovered in the hospital, and my brother was always included in the baby-sitting team."Oh, they're fine. Watching a movie. It's a great baby-sitter, you know." he answered. I could hear him grinning through the phone."Well, I sent over some books you know, and crayons. I am sure there are OTHER things they can do!" I answered, trying to remain calm as I pictured brain-fried kids returning home with "entertain me" attitudes. I … [Continue reading...]

Why Your Kids Need Routines

why kids need routines

Routines and kids. It’s an ongoing discussion among moms. Some take a hands-off approach and just let the day lead itself, others stick to a strict hour-by-hour schedule. In our family a routine has made all the difference. In fact, I believe routines are a major factor of a happy, peaceful home. Stick around to […]

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Five Fun Ways to Encourage Pretend Play

encouraging your kids in pretend play

*Thanks to Deborah and Company for giving some pretend play items in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.* Princesses, pirates, super-heroes — it’s all a part of childhood. Too many times we are caught up with home-schooling, group activities and electronic devices that we often neglect to encourage our kids in the […]

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Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide for Toddlers PLUS $500 Paypal Cash and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

stocking stuffer gift guide for todders

The holiday season is a super-busy time of the year for everyone — especially moms! If you’re like me, you are constantly trying to snag the perfect gift for each of your family members and close friends. Some people are easier than others, and toddlers? They’re super-fun to buy for because everything is new and […]

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Easy Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins

easy chocolate chip pumpkin muffins

It’s pumpkin season — yay! I could eat pumpkin all day long. In fact, when our family eat up these yummy chocolate chip pumpkin muffins we also had — drum roll please — creamy, pumpkin soup! You can never have too much pumpkin in one day, right? Do you ever bake with cake mixes? I […]

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