20 Fun Fall Snacks and Treats For KIDS — Plus $500 Paypal Cash Giveaway! — 4 WINNERS!

fall snacks and treats for kids

School is back in full swing and everyone is gearing up for the fall holidays. What better time to create some fun fall snacks and treats for your kids? Whether it's a birthday party, a class party or just a surprise to your child's day, you'll love trying out these recipes!After you check out this AMAZING list of recipes, take a few moments and enter a $500 Paypal Cash Giveaway --- there are FOUR winners! Lots of parenting/craft/food bloggers teamed up to bring you moms this SUPER-FUN giveaway that I am sure you need! Enjoy stopping by and checking out each of these blogs!20 Fall Snacks and Treats FOR KIDSYour kiddos will love these apple slices. Give them a … [Continue reading...]

Fresh Pumpkin Parfaits

fresh pumpkin dessert recipe

It's pumpkin season --- yay! Bring on the pumpkin pancakes, turnovers, pies, soup, lattes and parfaits! Whoa -- pumpkin parfaits? Yes ma'am. You read that correctly. One of your favorite, simple desserts shows its autumn colors in this parfait recipe. And, yes, we're talking fresh pumpkin!Let's be honest here. I am normally a canned pumpkin kind of girl. Why? Because it is sooo much easier. However, I live in a country that for some strange, unknown to me reason does not sell it in a can -- sigh. Thus, I am forced to make my own purée every single time I want a pumpkin dish. I know it's sad. But, hey there are major benefits to using only the fresh stuff! Well, I can only think … [Continue reading...]

4 Simple Tips For A Clutter-Free Kids Room

get rid of clutter

Clutter, clutter and more clutter! Many times when you enter a child’s room, that is what you see. Bookshelves overflowing with books shoved and crammed into every tiny centimeter of space. It takes you ten minutes to find the book you want to read! Kids clothes are strewn everywhere and a trail of toys welcome […]

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Secret Prayer Club — A Fun Way to Encourage Kids to Pray

how to encourage kids to pray

“God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food. Amen.” “Now I lay me down to sleep…” Is it just me, or do you desire your kids to go beyond these childhood prayers? I mean, really? How can my kids learn to talk to God if they are simply memorizing words […]

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Super-easy, Salami, Pepperoni and Cheese Quesadillas

cheesy quesdaillas

Have you ever had those moments when you thought, “Why haven’t I made these for years?!” That totally happened to me about a month ago. I started making stove-top quesadillas and couldn’t stop! They were easy, yummy and made the perfect lunch for our busy family. This salami, pepperoni and cream cheese quesadilla recipe is […]

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15 Three Ingredient Sweet Treat Recipes

three ingredient dessert recipes

Three ingredient recipes are “my thing” now. I just love quick, easy treats that take little time and little fuss. Sweet treats are meant to be enjoyed, right? So, I am doing all of you moms a favor and giving you some of the most amazing three-ingredient sweet treats known to man. Trust me. These […]

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Five Simple Ways to Make Heart-to-Heart Connections With Your Child

how to connect with your child

Have you ever been around parents that seem to have a super-close relationship with their kids? I love being around those families! I also feel blessed to enjoy a close-knit relationship with my children. Heart-to-heart connections are one simple piece of the happy home puzzle. These simple, daily connections help cultivate a healthy and loving […]

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3 Ingredient Easy Apple Turnovers

easy apple turnovers recipe

Hi sweet moms! I’m here with another, super-easy recipe to make your lives a little bit tastier with little stress. You read the title right. These three ingredient apple turnovers are one of the easiest, yummiest treats you will ever make.Let me warn you now; you make this recipe once, and your family will ask […]

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No Bake, Chocolate-Dipped Cookies

chocolate-dipped cookies

Easy snacks and desserts are what make life fun. I love giving my family little extra treats just because. But, I also don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen baking and cleaning! That’s where these no bake, chocolate-dipped cookies come in! These are seriously the easiest cookies you will ever make! I have been […]

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