19 Activities for Sick Kids

Activities for kids when they’re sick?

You bet.

Activities don’t always have to be strenuous, but are great for keeping someone’s mind off of something negative — like being sick.

little boy coloring for a fun activity while he's sick

Got a sick kid in the house?

It’s not fun, is it?

As a mom, many times you wish you were sick instead of your little munchkin.

It’s even more difficult when they are too young to communicate what is wrong.

A few special gestures of love and care from mom or dad really can help a young child trudge through their illness a little less bummed.

Colds, viruses, stomach issues, infections or any other ailment deserves a little bit more TLC from the parents.

Over the past 12 years of being a mom, I have sought special treats, games and even laid-back activities to get my kids to focus on fun instead of being sick.

It’s amazing how much better they feel when they are thinking about pleasantries instead of their hurting ear.

19 Activities for Sick Kids

Activity #1: Family Albums

I dust off the family picture albums and discuss any photographs of interest.

Many of my children are interested in learning about the history of their family.

Activity #2: Coloring Books

I like to have my child’s favorite coloring book on hand, and sprawl out on the bed with them and color.

It is extra special when we have 3D and foam stickers to add to the finished art.

sick kid days

Activity #3: Cross-stitching.

I like the cross-stitching packages that include kid-friendly plastic needles.

Activity #4: Classic Games.

My kids never tire of the classics that are easily played in the bed like Battleship or Go Fish.

We love the different varieties of Uno as well.

Activity #5: Cuddle Time.

Just cuddling and conversing seems to help my little ones.

It is amazing all the questions they will have to ask and how long our conversations last.

Activity #6: Movies

We pull out our favorite DVD and enjoy some hot, buttered popcorn.

Many times we sing with the songs and quote many of the lines together.

Activity #7: Snacks and Drinks.

My kids are normally not allowed to have food and drink in their rooms.

Sick days are an exception. I even try to grab some extra special snacks or drinks.

Gatorade, gummy bears, Fanta and juices are a fave around here.

Activity #8: Read books together

I don’t think a person ever gets too old to enjoy a good book.

Pick out a favorite and just start reading, reading and reading.

Activity #9: Camp in the living room

Did I ever tell you I love to see my kids camp out in the living room?

Make some simple s’mores, take camping gear, read books and watch movies about camping.

Activity #10: Use crazy straws

Liquids are a must when your child is sick.

Make it more fun by drinking from silly and crazy straws!

Be sure to grab a few in your child’s favorite color!

Activity #11: Paint nails

My girls love to paint nails.

I even let them paint mine when I’m feeling a little brave.

If you have the supplies, give your daughter a simple mani-pedi and let her soak her feet in flower or rose petals.

Sweet memories in the making!

Activity #12: Play with magnets on a cookie sheet.

The more colorful the magnets, the better!

Activity #13: Make paper airplanes

Not an expert at these paper flying machines?

Check out a book on creating the perfect paper airplane or check out these videos.

Activity #14: Practice your origami skills.

Paper cranes anyone?

Activity #15: Make up a story

Start a silly story and take turns adding to the story one sentence at a time.

Warning: Many giggles may erupt!

Activity #16: Let the kids fix your hair

Hand over the hairbrush, hair-bows and elastics and let your kids create a masterpiece.

I hope you’re not tender-headed!

Activity #17: Build with legos and megablocks.

Tallest tower wins!

Activity #18: Make make bracelets from bands.

These are so much fun — and cute!

Activity #19: Make bird treats

Make these simple and easy peanut butter bird treats.

Then, hang them and rest near a window to watch the beautiful birds!

Our kids are bound to get sick.

I am sure most parents wish they could stop all germies and mean bacteria from making our kiddos sick and unhappy.

But, with a little bit of fun and affection, we can help make the inevitable sicknesses tolerable!

How do you help your kids stay happy on sick days?

We can always use more ideas!

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