15 No Prep Quiet Time Activities For Kids

Quiet Time Activities for Kids

Quiet games for kids has been one of our most popular posts!

We knew we needed to get some more quiet-themed activities out there for moms and kids!

quiet time activity ideas for kids

You’ll love how most of these ideas are completely no prep.

A few take very little prep, but they’re worth the teeny bit of planning required.

But my favorite quiet time activities are the ones that we can do anytime and anywhere…no planning required!

Ready to keep your child happy, busy and quiet for a little while?

Genius, Fun Quiet Time Activities For Kids

no prep quiet time activities

Quiet Time Activity #1: Color Hunt

Tell your child to find something red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet

Have her place all the items in a basket and she can show them to mommy or daddy at the end of quiet time!

Quiet Time Activity #2 Be a Ruler!

Each child can measure any room in the house with their hand and then their foot!

Have them write down their measurements and share them with the family.

Quiet Time Activity #3 Alphabetize the house

Ask your child to quietly gather (Shhh! It’s a quiet hunt!) all the items in the house that start with the letter “c” or the letter “d” and put them on the kitchen table.

Then, talk about the items before dinner!

Quiet Time Activity #4: Draw a picture

Tell your child to draw a picture of all the things in the house that rhyme with “pink” and then all the things in the house that rhyme with “dog”.

You can even jot down a list for older kids!

Quiet Time Activity #5: Sorting

Give your child the Uno Game and have her sort it colors, then by numbers.

Quiet Time Activity #6: Have a Shape Contest!

Guess which shape is found the most in your house.

Write down your guess, then go on a shape hunt.

Write down how many circles, squares, rectangles, and diamonds you can find!

Quiet Time Activity #7: Make an Animal

playing with play dough for a quiet time activity idea

Grab some play dough or clay and tell your child to make a specific animal.

Some ideas: elephant, monkey, or tiger.

Quiet Time Activity #8 Nature Watch and Draw

Tell your child to sit by the window and observe the outside for ten minutes. Encourage her to quietly listen and watch birds, squirrels, and even cars that may drive by.

Then, tell her to draw what she sees and color it too!

Quiet Time Activity #9 Listen to an Audio Book

listening to audio books for a quiet time activity

A great way to learn something new!

Quiet Time Activity #10: Try a new puzzle

If your child has only tried a certain number of puzzle pieces, try to go to a higher level.

Puzzles are great for all ages and siblings of many age groups can work on puzzles together…quietly!

Quiet Time Activity #11: Write in Rice

Write letters, words, or numbers in rice.

To add a fun twist, you can dye the rice different colors with this easy tip!

Quiet Time Activity #12 Magnet Play with Stickers

quiet time activities for kids

Magnet Play from Stickers by The Creative Homemaker turns stickers into magnets.

Kids will love this creative, quiet activity!

Quiet Time Activity #13 Play with Crazy Straws

Crazy Straws Felt Threading by Powerful Mothering uses buttons to practice threading and fine motor skills. So creative and simple!

#14 Build a Sponge Tower

Cut up some kitchen sponges (the more colorful the better!) and start making a tower!

Cut sponges in long strips (just make sure they’re all the same size) and let kids start building!

You can build blue towers, purple towers, and yellow towers!

#15 Patterned and Plastic Needle Cross-stitching

Kids can follow patterns with a needle and thread and create pictures!

These sets come with plastic needles so they’re safe for older kids who need a quiet activity!

Find our favorite cross stitch kit here!


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