How to Be a Happy Mom: 10 Must-Read Tips!

Want to be a Happy Mom? We’re Here to Help!

We live in an unhappy world full of tears, anger, and deceit.

That’s exactly why we need to chat about how to be a happy mom (and how to have happy kids!) in an unhappy world!

You can’t help but ask yourself, do happy moms actually exist?

Honesty disclosure: It takes work to be a happy mom, and sometimes I mess up.

How to be a happy mom

Sometimes I don’t try as hard as other days and I end up being a complete grump — I mean horns and all!

But, hey!

I have something to tell you!

God says His mercies are new every morning!

When I mess up, that good news gives me hope.

And on my mom journey, I need all the hope I can get!

That promise gives me hope to be the sweet, kind and loving mom that I desire to be every single day of my life.

Yeah, I may have messed up yesterday or even today, but tomorrow — I get a fresh start.

I have a brand new chance to give my kids and hubby a happy mom — and a happy home.

I can apologize to my kids and hubby now and ask God for help to be the happy mom I desire to be tomorrow — and for every day after that!

Do happy moms still exist?! Yes,they do! Here are 10 proven secrets to help ANY mom become HAPPY one!

“Oh, well every mom gets moody sometimes. It’s not that big of a deal for my family.” a mom may think.

Let’s just take a minute and ponder this thought.

Have you noticed what happens to the entire mood of your home when you are less than amiable??


A dark, tempestuous cloud hovers over the family and kids who were once giggling and happily singing are now fussing and bickering with each other.

Let’s Talk About How to be a Happy Mom

Nothing else happened in the home to create such a negative, domino effect of emotions.


The only aspect of the home’s atmosphere that changed was the attitude of the mom.

She may have woke up happy, and that is when her kids were giggling.

But, now — watch out!

She’s a roaring Mama Bear!


Kids scamper away and avoid mom until she’s in a “better mood.”

Can Moms Truly Be Happy?

That is just how powerful of an impact our attitude has in our home.

You see, it’s not just you that is affected by your attitude.

The closest people in your life are affected — and not in a positive way.

Don’t you think every home needs a happy mom guiding it gently through this journey of life?

Give your family that gift!

How is your marriage affected by your happiness meter?

What happens if your husband comes home and you’re in a bad mood?

If he is like most husbands, he will avoid you like the plague and spend time with his phone, computer or t.v.

If you’re not a happy mom, you’re definitely not going to be a happy wife!

God has already warned us how our grumpy, catty attitudes will affect others. Proverbs 25:24 puts it pretty clearly.

“It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman and in a wide house.


When we are with our girlfriends, it doesn’t seem so bad when we compare our catty, bad mood stories.

We blame our moods on the kids, our lot in life and even our monthly cycles. But really — where does the blame belong?

Let’s Be Happy Moms!

Consider Paul and Silas when they were in prison.

We are not talking about our modern-day jails where inmates enjoy air-conditioning, work-out rooms, hot-meals, t.v.s, spending money, etc.

No, we are talking rats, tiny bits of food and water, hands and feet in stocks, darkness, disease, etc.

It is hard for us to fathom what those men went through — all for serving Christ.

Yet, when they faced this trial, what was their response?

Did the prisoners hear them complaining or cursing the men that threw them in jail?

No, the fellow prisoners heard them praising and singing to God!

Looking to those men as our examples, can we not at least manage a smile and a kind voice when we have a “bad” day?

Life can get messy, believe me.

We live in a third-world country where the power goes out constantly, huge spiders are a part of life, things are always breaking, ants eat our clothes, and there are no family members to baby-sit for a date or even for an emergency.

Those things can really get to me if I let them.

But, guess what happens when they do?

Does the power turn back on?

Do the ants stop eating our clothes?

No, things are still the same — only my attitude is worse.

Will You Choose to be a Happy Mom?

When I take control of my attitude it becomes contagious.

It use to be that moans would fill our home when the power would go off at night.

Now I hear, “Let’s play hide and seek in the dark!”

So, how exactly do you become a happy mom?

So glad you asked!

Here’s a grump-proof plan you can try to get your giggles and smiles back that your family enjoys so much!

10 Ways to Be a Happy Mom

To be a happy Mom you need to: Pray.

Every morning begin your day with prayer.

Ask God to help you control your tongue.Ask God to remind you to be kind to your family.

If you go in God’s strength you can conquer anything — even less-than-wonderful mom days! (Philippians 4:13)

And don’t forget, that there is much power in a praying mother!

Find more inspiration on prayer in your motherhood journey here.

To be a happy Mom you need to: Get up early.


I know for some of you this is not a pleasant thought, however, it is imperative for a mom of young kids to wake-up early.


Because waking up before your kids and hubby gives you the chance to pray, read your Bible, get work done, and work on any projects that require peace and quiet.

When you get a head-start you feel more motivated and are more equipped to fight the day’s battles — whether it be laundry (and here’s our BEST laundry tip target) or temper tantrums!

To be a happy Mom you need to: Go to your room.

If you feel the anger, bad mood changes or complaints coming on, send yourself to your room.

Take ten minutes to pray, shower, rest, or whatever rejuvenates you.

Make sure you come back out with a smile on your face!

To be a happy Mom you need to: Count your blessings.

It’s hard to complain and stay downtrodden when you are thinking about all the good things in your life.

Do you have a faithful husband, healthy kids, a place to call home, a pantry full of food, a car to drive, a good church to attend or close friends that are like family?

If you do, you are doing better than many others and your life is truly blessed.

To be a happy Mom you need to: Change your diet.

Sometimes what we eat affects our mood.

Even the health community agrees!

Here’s an interesting read about mood swings and the food we eat.

Simple starches and refined sugars can cause us to be on edge, feel shaky, and develop annoying headaches.

If that is your case, reach for fruit, veggies, and whole-grains to avoid these negative results that can affect your attitude.

To be a happy Mom you need to: Get your zzz’s!


This is intensely tough for my busy-mom life!

But according to this study by Harvard University, sleep definitely can affect your happiness as a mom!

However, this is my reality: as soon as the kids are tucked in the bed I want to get more work done or relax with my husband.

The house is quiet, the dark chocolate is calling, and before I know it, I’m sucked into this zone of “perfectly chill” — but the clock continues to tick.If I’m not careful, I’ll stay up until 11 or 12.

And that wreaks havoc on my health and my attitude the next morning.Let’s encourage each other to get to bed earlier!

“Early to bed, early to rise…”

To be a happy Mom you need to: Pump some iron!

I hope my husband doesn’t read this post — he would totally laugh!

But people have known for a good chunk of time that exercise holds a little piece of the happiness puzzle!

I’ve been exercising inconsistently for years — with very few results.


I’ve always had excuses.

Now, I have this really mean coach (my teen daughter) that nags me daily to exercise.

“Mom, are we working out today?”

“Mom, when do you want to exercise?”

“Mom, can I go walking with you tomorrow?”

And, guess what?

It’s working!

My happy endorphins are FINALLY kicking in and the scale is ever-so-slowly showing me better numbers.

Even though I’m fighting chronic health issues, the exercise helps put some happy steps into my day!

Even if you’re not working out intensely, just aim for 20 minutes of exercise daily to help you be the happy mom your family needs!

To be a happy Mom you need to: Purpose to forgive.

Bitterness is the quickest route to a depressed mom life.

Maybe you’re bitter because your husband has been unfaithful.

Maybe you’re bitter because your best friend thrashed you with her words and accusations.

Maybe you’re bitter with the attitudes of your children.

Whatever the case, choose to forgive.

Remember that people are human.

The sooner you forgive and shed the bitterness, the sooner you can get back to the happy mom life that you crave!

To be a happy Mom you need to: Plan to get away.

Somehow, someway, make a plan to get away from it all with your family in tow.

If you’re super tight on money, try taking a vacation in off season and pack your own food.

Sign up for credit card travel points, research your favorite hotel spots and check out their website for the lowest discounts possible.

Choosing to truly unwind with your family will remind your happy brain cells why you love this group of people so much!

And every mom needs that sometimes!

To be a happy Mom you need to: Find something to laugh about!

Try it!

Watch a funny movie, make up some silly dances with your kids, or have a tickle fight with your family.

Find some way to get those giggles out!

They’ll brighten your spirits to give you a happy mom view on home and family!

It’s so crazy simple, but it works!

Let’s Bring Happy Moms Back into Our Homes!

Remember, “If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy!”

Want to really take charge and transform your home into a happier one?

Check out our 25 Day Happier Home challenge all wrapped up into an ebook for convenience!

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