On-the-go, Open-ended Play Activities

Whether it’s a trip to the park or two states over to Grandma’s house, it’s important to have some on-the-go, open-ended play activities up your sleeve for your kiddos. Giving your kids an abundance of options for open-ended play (play time that doesn’t have certain instructions or time-limits) can help your kids develop a love for play and learning. In fact, play time is one of the best times to learn!

open ended play for kids

When most of my children were ages seven or under, I would often have small toys tucked away in my purse for times when we were away from home. This way, there were always a few options for my child to play quietly and freely — even when we were on-the-go.

open-ended play ideas for on-the-go

Check out these simple, manageable, on-the-go, open-play activities to keep your kids busy, happy and learning for when you’re away from home. Keep your purse, diaper bag or even a travel bag packed with these accessories!

One-the-go Open Ended Play Activities

  • Legos. These are always a favorite — with girls or boys. I use to keep a small bag of these in my purse, but now Lego has some adorable sets that come with travel suitcases! Don’t leave home without it, the LEGO® JUNIORS Suitcase is the perfect travel companion to keep your youngster entertained this summer. Filled with an assortment of LEGO bricks and exciting role play components the suitcase is extremely portable— opening up a world of open play possibilities anywhere you go! LEGO® JUNIORS is designed to give children age 4-7 a great first building experience with the LEGO brick through iconic, fun and easy to build models. My kids LOVE theirs — can’t you tell?
  • play ideas for on-the-go

  • Sidewalk chalk. This is a fun idea for grandparents house or a close friend that has kids. Anyone else might not appreciate the fun artwork outside. Most friends don’t mind and let their kiddos jump in on the fun too, as sidewalk chalk washes away!
  • open-ended play ideas

  • Small cars and airplanes. These fit perfectly in a diaper bag or purse.
  • Coloring books and crayons. Give my kids some coloring books and crayons, and they’ll stay busy and quiet for hours!
  • Bubbles. Definitely keep super-small containers of bubbles and wands in your to-go bags!
  • Beach balls. Keep these deflated until ready to use. Your kids will love playing all sort of simple games that use balls!
  • Modeling clay. Find a safe, clean surface for your kiddos to dive in and create fun shapes and masterpieces.
  • Jump ropes. This is another fun, simple way to keep kids entertained when you’re at a park, friend’s or relative’s house.
  • Loom bands. Throw a small loom and bands into your travel bag to keep your crafty kids busy. They can create bracelets or even small animals!
  • Dry erase board. You can grab these for a pretty cheap price. Tell your children to draw certain pictures, practice letters and numbers or even play fun games like tic-tac-toe and hangman!

What’s your fave way to encourage open-ended play with your kids? Do you have any on-the-go activities that’s not listed above? Share yours with us on social media!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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