65 Fun, Free Activities for Kids

Creative Activities for Kids that are Cheap or Free

Winning your child’s heart is one of our best parenting tips we can possibly offer.

One way to win your child’s heart is to fill their day with fun memories of spending time together!

Spending time with your child doesn’t have to be expensive.

It’s the giggles and moments of uninterrupted time that your child remembers.

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Activities for Kids that are Free or Almost Free!

  • Catch fireflies.
  • Pick flowers.
  • Collect leaves and place them in an photo album.
  • Draw on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk.
  • Make handprint silhouettes
  • Play tic-tac-toe.
  • Watch birds.
  • Learn hand jives.
  • Jump rope and learn the classic jump rope songs.
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Make giant bubbles.
  • Write a simple play and act it out.
  • Go to a local park.
playing at the park for a free kids activity
  • Play catch. We’ve done this with football or baseball!
  • Have an impromptu picnic outside (or in your living room!) with your child’s favorite foods.
  • Have a water balloon fight.
  • Make balloon balls.
  • Make bird treats.
  • Put on a sock puppet show.
  • Help your child practice a sport.

Simple, Free and Almost Free Activities for Kids

  • Teach your child a new song on an instrument.
  • Jump on a trampoline.
  • Sing karaoke using Youtube videos together.
  • Draw life-size portraits of each other with chalk on the sidewalk.
  • Make paper airplanes and have airplane races.
  • Buy plastic swords from Dollar Tree (almost free!) and have a silly sword fight.
  • Press flowers using a simple flower press.
  • Play I Spy.
  • Play in the sand.
  • Play at-home bowling. You can grab a simple set here or make your own.
  • Go on a family bike ride.
  • Run through the sprinklers.
  • Look at the stars.

Activities for Young Kids that Aren’t Lame

  • Swing together on a tire or porch swing.
  • Take a simple hike in a nearby park.
  • Visit a local garden and take pictures.
  • Visit a skate park together.
  • Wash the car together.
  • Go see a friend’s sport game.

Easy Activities for Kids that Everyone Loves

  • Make animals out of homemade play-doh.
  • Put a puzzle together. (Psst! They have puzzles at Dollar Tree!)
  • Make a fort or “tent” out of sheets and pillows.
  • Make bookmarks.
  • Make ice cream floats for dessert.
  • Make milkshakes or smoothies.
  • Create pasta necklaces.
  • Paint rocks.
  • Play book store or restaurant.
  • Race matchbox cars.
  • Play with beach balls. Volleyball, keep away, and even kick ball can be played with a beach ball!
  • Read your favorite childhood book together.
  • Rearrange their bedroom furniture.
  • Write messages to each other on a dry erase board. Or play hangman or other simple games!
  • Take turns reading to each other.
  • Teach your child how to cook.
  • Teach your child how to play solitaire or chess.
  • Visit a local, free museum.
  • Visit a different library.
  • Watch a movie together. Here’s our favorite family movie choices!
  • Read famous speeches while using a silly accent.
  • Make music videos to your child’s favorite song.
  • Crochet a stuffed animal.
  • Go to a mall with an indoor, free play area.
  • Make homemade pizza together.
  • Color in a new coloring book. Seriously, you find the best coloring books at almost any dollar store!

Fun Activities for Kids that are Incredibly Simple!

Print out this list to keep it handy when your kids or bored!

These kids activities are also perfect for a long weekend too!

Enjoy the time you have with your kids and enjoy making memories.

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