30 Recipes Kids Can Make on Their Own!

Looking for Easy Recipes for Kids?

Because our easy meals for kids post has been so popular, we thought we’d give you some more recipe ideas!

Dig into this BIG list of 30 recipe ideas that Kids of All ages will love to make!

Remember, you know your child best.

Please use parental wisdom with when your child needs supervision.

recipes Kids can make

We never encourage letting kids cook alone in a house without supervision, but we always encourage kids to learn life skills!

Let your kids learn how to cook with these amazing, simple, and crazy yummy recipes.

Cooking was never so fun!

30 Easy Recipes Kids Can Make

Easy Recipe for Kids #1: Zucchini fries.

This recipe is super simple and kids will love the “sprinkle” cheese!

making zucchini fries for kids

Easy Recipe for Kids #2: Rice krispie treats

We have oodles of versions of this on our website, so we’ll give you one of our favorites to try: heart-shaped ones!

easy recipe kids can make

Easy Recipe for Kids #3: Salad in a Jar

Give kids all the ingredients they need…lettuce, shredded carrots, croutons, real bacons bits, dressing and more!

Let them layer it all in mason jars and it’s a fun snack or meal!

Easy Recipe for Kids #4: Peanut Butter Cookies

Our kids make these every single week.

Here’s a fun way to take up the classic version (one egg, one cup of peanut butter, and one cup of sugar) to make a peanut butter sandwich cookie!

Either way you can make both versions with this one recipe!

Add chocolate chips too like the the cookies below for some added chocolate….yum!

cookies kids can make

Easy Recipe for Kids #5: Homemade Granola

Such a simple recipe!

This is great for a snack or breakfast!

granola recipe kids can make

Easy Recipe for Kids #6: Jello Popsicles

Such a super simple treat that kids will love to make!

Grab the recipe here!

Easy Recipe for Kids #7: Easy Tuna Salad

We always made these growing up and now my kids make it too!

Here’s a simple and classic recipe to follow!

Kids Will Love Making These Easy Recipes By Themselves!

Easy Recipe for Kids #8: Italian Skillet

Think homemade Chef Boyardee….and tastes WAAAY better!

Try it here.

Italian skillet recipe kids can make

It’s cheesy, creamy and ready in 15 minutes!

Easy Recipe for Kids #9: Tuna Skillet

My kids have been making this for years.

It makes a quick, hearty lunch or dinner!

Grab the simple recipe!

tuna recipe kids can make

Easy Recipe for Kids #10: Easy Quesadillas

You have almost limitless options when you start making quesadillas!

You can make sweet version for breakfast and savory versions for lunch and dinner!

Easy Recipe for Kids #11: Grilled cheese

There’s boring grilled cheese and then there’s ultimate grilled cheese.

Teach your kids the classic version first, and then move up to this ultimate, BACON grilled cheese version!

Can Kids Cook These Recipes?

Easy Recipe for Kids #12: Reuben Sandwich

This is a favorite of mine and my teen son.

Here’s our simple, homemade version here!

Easy Recipe for Kids #13: Sweet Potato Bites

These are super simple, but fun!

sweet potato bites kids can cook

Easy Recipe for Kids #14: Bacon and Green Bean Wraps

Simple and packed with protein, these are backed in the oven and kids will only need help removing them from the oven.

They can assemble them otherwise and create a fun side to a meal or a healthy snack!

Easy Recipe for Kids #15: 30 Minute Rolls

This is what my kids like to make for Thanksgiving every year, or they make it for when we’re having company!

For some reason kids love baking homemade bread and this recipe is super simple to follow!

rolls kids can make

Easy Recipe for Kids #16: Egg Muffin Tin Cups

This simple recipe is made in muffin tins…so kids think it’s extra fun!

egg muffins kids can make

Easy Recipe for Kids #17: Blueberry and Cream Cheese Muffins

I love when may kids bake these!

My entire house will smell like blueberries!

easy muffins kids can make

Easy Recipe for Kids #18: Crustless Quiche

This is a great breakfast option that’s hearty and cheesy!

Perfect idea for tweens and teens!

Kids Love Making These Recipes All By Themselves!

Easy Recipe for Kids #19: Nutella Swirl Blondies

Kids love to bake! Give them a new twist on brownies, with some blondies swirled with Nutella!

Easy Recipe for Kids #20: Taco Pizza

Kids will love this fun twist of two classics!

Find the easy recipe here.

Easy Recipe for Kids #21: Chocolate chip, banana PB and J Sandwiches

Yes, it’s a thing.

And yes, your kids will love it.

Easy Recipe for Kids #22: Salmon Stew

This soup or stew…whichever you want to call it…is ready in just a few minutes.

Toss some crackers in it and your meal is DONE.

My daughter makes this at least once a week!

salmon stew is a recipe kids can make

Easy Recipe for Kids #23: Fruity, Peanut Butter Pitas

Simple recipe that’s packed with fruit and spices!

Easy Recipe for Kids #24: Easy Frozen Yogurt S’mores Bark

Is it a healthy snack or healthy dessert?

Hard to choose!

Either way, kids will love making and eating it!

Grab the recipe here!

s'mores recipe kids can make

Easy Recipe for Kids #25: Homemade Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt

This frozen yogurt is even scoopable!

frozen yogurt recipe kids can make

Easy Recipe for Kids #26: Scrambled Eggs

This is something kids can make super quick!

Easy Recipe for Kids #27: Homemade Cheese Grits

For my southern friends out there, homemade cheese grits is super simple!

Here’s a classic recipe to follow!

Easy Recipe for Kids #28: Chicken Philly Cheesesteak

Super simple recipe and it’s great because it uses chicken….which we normally have in the freezer!

cheesesteak kids can make

Easy Recipe for Kids #29: Easy Chicken Alfredo

This sauce comes together in minutes and it’s poured over noodles!

A complete meal ready in minutes that tweens and teens can make!

Easy Recipe for Kids #30: Ham and Cheese Pockets

This is a fun, freezer friendly recipe! Kids will love how hearty these are!

ham and cheese pockets recipe kids can make

Which Recipes Will Your Kid, Teen or Tween Try?

Check out our recipe books for families!

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Additional note: Please always use caution when allowing kids to cook in the kitchen. Anytime kids are making soups, around oil etc. extreme caution should be used. Thank you!

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