15 Awesome Camping Recipes

Summer time is for camping! What’s one of the best parts of camping? Enjoying fun recipes in the great outdoors! If our family loves anything about family time, it’s about trying out new recipes — together! Make your camping trip fun and memorable from this yummy and taste-approved list of mouth-watering recipes.

yummy camping recipes

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Awesome and FUN Camping Recipes

  1. These Campfire Cones from Kids Activites Blog is FULL of your kids fave ingredients and are ready in 5-7 minutes! YUM!
  2. Want to change up your traditional s’mores recipe? Try these Sweet and Salty S’mores.
  3. Mushrooms anyone? Grill up these Bacon-wrapped, Blue Cheese Filled Mushrooms from Lauren’s Latest to be man’s best friend!
  4. Did you know pizza can be portable? Of course — if it’s all wrapped into yummy, super-cheesy Calzones!
  5. Don’t leave the Tex-Mex food at home on your trip. Make it the morning of, or the night before — and pack it up! These Easy, Peasy Chicken Chimichangas are travel-friendly for your camping needs.
  6. During your camping trip, you are sure to get the munchies! Enjoy these homemade Honey Roasted Nuts from True Aim to keep the camping, hungries away!
  7. Want an easy breakfast to serve to your family on your camping trip? Whip these Cranberry, Chocolate Chip Granola Bars up a few days ahead for an easy, yummy and semi-healthy breakfast.
  8. Healthy and fun snacks are on the way with these Moon Balls from Meaningful Mama.
  9. Who doesn’t love muffins? The crumb-topping in this muffin recipe looks dee-lish! Go visit Meaningful Mama to check it out!
  10. Did you know tacos could walk? They can in this fun and creative recipe! Check out these Walking Tacos at The Girl Who Ate Everything.
  11. This Breakfast on A Stick recipe looks easy, yummy and healthy! Perfect for a camping trip!
  12. I had NO IDEA you could make tarts on a campfire! I was proven wrong by Cooking Classy with this Campfire Tarts recipe.
  13. Eclairs are my fave desert, hands down! So glad I can take them on a camping trip when I use this recipe from Making Memories With Your Kids.
  14. Crystal and Comp did an AWESOME job with these Grilled Salsa Steak Appetizers!
  15. If you have never tried Nutella, you should start on your camping trip! Give these Nutella S’mores a go from The Frugal Girls!

Your camping trip will never be the same!

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