10 Sneaky Ways Moms Can Stay Out of the Kitchen This Summer

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Can Moms Stay Out of the Kitchen This Summer?

Not completely, but we can definitely lessen your time in the kitchen!

Want to stay out of the kitchen this summer? Check out this ten sneaky ways you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your kids!

Summer is almost here! 


For most families, that means sleeping in, lots of swimming, vacations, summer camp and easy recipes!!

All this summer fun makes moms want to spend LESS time in the kitchen so they can create memories with their families!

I know the summers I spent less time in the kitchen were days filled with adventures!

And that’s exactly what I want to help you do!

How to Spend Less Time in the Kitchen This Summer

May this be the summer you spend as little time in the kitchen as possible and create incredible memories that you’ll cherish for years!

My our favorite tip (Before we dig into the full list) is to keep frozen meals handy.

freezer meals for busy moms in the summer

We’re talking keeping the freezer stocked so you can simply preheat the oven and eat.

Little mess.

No prep.

And definitely less time in the kitchen!

Our favorite freezer food choice is Healthy Choice® Café Steamers because they’re healthy, wholesome meals with crisp vegetables, tender proteins, and flavorful sauces in every bite.

You have to try the Grilled Chicken Pesto with Vegetables

You can easily order them below by clicking the image!

Delicious! It’s one of our favorites!

The Beef Teriyaki was also a big hit with my family.

meal plan for the summer

With a wide range of flavors, you’re sure to find options to meet your family’s preferences. Healthy Choice Café Steamers are sure to become your go-to option for a quick meal you can feel great about eating!

easy meals for summer

The kitchen is often the hub of the house with homework, cleaning, and food preparations all taking place at once.

Where is the balance between providing healthy, nourishing meals for your family while still having plenty of time to enjoy the leisure months of summer with your kids?

With these tips, we’re going to help make that balance a reality this summer!

Even though the summer months have a relaxed pace, moms often still find themselves swamped with meal preparations and kitchen chores.

The expression, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” takes on a whole new meaning with this post though.

Let’s dig into REAL WAYS you can stay out of the kitchen this summer, (or spend as little time in it as possible) so you can finally enjoy more time in the great outdoors with their kids!

Moms deserve a relaxing summer too!

10 Sneaky Way to Stay Out of the Kitchen this Summer!

We’ll start with number 2 since we already told you our first sneaky tip above!

Prepare homemade freezer meals before summer starts.

Freezer meals really are the way to go!  

Spend a day preparing quick and easy freezer meals in bulk.

Those along with the Healthy Choice Café Steamers will keep your freezer stocked all summer long. 

beef and broccoli stir fry for a freezer meal

Having easy meals ready to cook and serve will save you a ton of meal prep time later.

Clean as you go.

Clean dishes and wipe counters down as soon as the messes are made.

Staying on top of all the little messes will keep you from having to spend excess time cleaning up a big one.

keeping kitchen clean

In fact, let your entire family help keep the kitchen clean by doing quick house swoops often. You can check out our post on house swoops and it even has a house swoops printable list for all ages!

Cleaning as you go is a super efficient time-saver!

Enlist the kids’ help.

Speaking of time-savers…get the kids to help.

Summer is the perfect time to get them involved in household chores!

Most kids can take care of their own dishes, help with food prep, and even clean the kitchen counters.

Moms shouldn’t have to do all the work during the summer, and chores are an excellent way to teach kids responsibility. It prepares them for REAL life

Plan ahead.

Create a simple, less-time-in-the-kitchen meal plan every week.

Having a plan in place can spare you from wasting time.

No more standing in front of the cabinet trying to decide what to feed everyone.

Plus, it helps you always stay stocked on the products your family loves…like Café Steamers!

Use grocery pick-up.

Grab that meal plan and use it to create a grocery order.

I love how convenient shopping at Walmart is with their online grocery service.

Ordering meals for summer online

You can place your order online and have it brought straight to the car without even stepping foot inside the store.

ordering freezer meals for the summer

That’s how I purchased those delicious Healthy Choice Café Steamers we’ve been talking about.

grocery pick up for the summer

Craving some Grilled Chicken Pesto? 

Simply add it to your cart, choose a time that’s convenient for you, check out, and pick it up. 

Easy peasy!

And did I mention that Healthy Choice has had one goal since 1989: to give people a healthy option that’s as delicious as it is easy to prepare.

Their chefs work tirelessly to create surprising and inspired dishes that help you live a healthy lifestyle.

They’re unique dishes full of gourmet flavors and fresh ingredients, cooked with steam versus in a traditional microwave meal tray, for freshness you can see and taste.

That makes this busy mom SO happy!

Prepare slow cooker breakfasts.

Everything seems to go at a slower pace during the summer.

Why not let that be true for cooking too?

A slow cooker is an easy way to prepare meals for your family.

Even breakfast can benefit from a convenient slow cooker meal.

Here’s a warm, cheesy slow cooker breakfast that your family is sure to love!

Keep a snack basket handy.

Be prepared when those moments of hunger strike by keeping a well-stocked snack basket. Having healthy snacks and drinks for the kids to grab on their own will save you from having to rummage through cabinets to find something in a pinch.

snack basket for summer

It’s snacking made easy and keeps the kitchen clean!

Cook and eat outside.

For a fun change of pace, fire up the grill and enjoy a meal outside.

The warm months of summer beg for alfresco dining.

Or, take one of your favorite freezer meals outside and have a picnic!

Set a timer.

Set a timer on your oven to pre-heat for those freezer meals you have in your freezer.

When you’re ready to eat you can simply pop your Choice Café Steamers in the microwave.

summer freezer meals

Then, set a timer to remind you to grab your yummy, simple meal!

Also, set a timer 15 minutes before meal prep time so you’re not in the middle of an activity and can easily and quickly get a meal prepped for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

It’s all about a little preparation and a whole lot of convenience when it comes to preparing meals for your family this summer.

And Healthy Choice is helping to make it super easy.

Their unique dishes are full of gourmet flavors and fresh ingredients that are cooked with steam to ensure freshness you can see and taste.

With summer fast approaching, be sure to stock that freezer with Healthy Choice and follow some of our helpful tips.

Who wouldn’t want to spend less time cooking and more time playing this summer?

I know we sure do!

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